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Adam’s Memory Walk For Alzheimer’s Society 2016

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Here at Rap Interiors we highly support charities and the work they do to benefit those struggling. This sort of mentality is the same for our employees, and when one of our very own does something selfless for charity we can’t help but fully support them.
Three years ago our very own Design Director Julie Anderson and H&S Manager Amanda Carter took part in a run for dementia on September 5th 2013 with more than £527 raised. Three years later and one our employees is doing their very own memory walk for Alzheimer’s: Logistics Manager Adam Prew.
It’s important to spread awareness by talking about Alzheimer’s and how it impacts the lives of not only those with it but also how it impacts families.What Is Alzheimer’s?
Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects the brain and is the most common cause of memory loss and causes difficulty in thinking and solving problems. It affects hundreds of thousands of people in the UK and can make day to day life difficult for many.
Alzheimer’s is different depending on the person, not every patient has identical symptoms. However the most common symptoms tend to be: memory loss, communication issues, problems judging distance, difficulty in making decisions and disorientation.
What causes Alzheimer’s?
Alzheimer’s is caused by protein building up in the brain to form substances that block the connections between nerve cells, which eventually leads to them dying out along with brain tissue. Alzheimer’s also causes us to release less chemicals in the brain which makes it difficult to receive and transmit signals.
Memory Walk
On October 1st our logistics manager Adam Prew is taking part in a memory walk for Alzheimer’s Society, alongside his wife Jo. They’ve recently opened up a Just Giving page for people to donate to in support of the walk.Rap Interiors Ltd
‘We noticed Dad starting to forget things about 2 years prior to his death. Just subtle things like holiday’s or family occasions. We put it down to “old age” as you normally would but with his previous heart problems it came on thick and fast. He was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia the winter of 2014. A stroke also took his mobility so things became harder for my mum to cope so we as a family had to make the decision to find a specialist care home to look after him. It was a hard decision but we all knew it was for the best. We know he still recognised mum, my sisters and myself yet he looked a bit vague with the rest of the family and just couldn’t remember the words to express himself which became more and more upsetting for us all – Dad always had something to say!! Dad as we knew him, disappeared. He looked like Dad but this normal reactions were just not the same. I tried to keep him up to date with his favourite football team Nottingham Forest or the cricket scores but his face just expressed he did not know what I was talking about. Then the talking stopped and his illness took a greater hold, took him away from us at the beginning of July of 2015. By taking part in the Memory Walk it’s our way of giving a bit back to the Alzheimer’s Society. There needs to be more done to find a way of slowing this process down that takes so many people away from us, it’s becoming more and more frequent that everyone knows someone with the horrible illness that takes the minds and souls of our loved ones but leaves the shell behind.’Adam & Jo have almost reached their goal, but as supporters of those wanting to beat dementia we want to smash that and go beyond the original goal. So please donate what you can to Adam & Jo’s Just Giving page and together we can help in the walk for a world without Alzheimer’s.
For more information and to donate to the memory walk click here.

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