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The Attraction & Retention Of Office Staff – Part 2

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What has recruitment, good staff and a nice office got in common ?
Ever thought how time consuming recruiting is when you have to sift through all those CV’s and how much better it would be to outsource this? But how do you trust someone else to do as good a job as you ? How is someone else going to really know the “type” of person you want working in your business?
We have recently found the answer and we wish we had done it earlier and would highly recommend you considering talking with Sarah at The Mind Company.
Having been a busy company for some 28 years we seem to have become extremely busy over the last 3 years, becoming know for our design capabilities and creating something different for every clients office. No one size fits all in our service. Having taken on 5 new people last year alone to ensure the delivery of our projects in refurbishment and office fit out ran smoothly – because you’re only ever as good as your last job.
We advertised for all the positions online and got fantastic responses. However, the task of reading and shortlisting Cv’s took time that, to be honest we needed to be spending on what we do best!
Sam, Scott, Fleur, Alex and Marcus have certainly filled the gaps we had in our business.Moving into 2015 we needed an Office Manager, a “go-to” person who could multitask, remain calm and keep us all under control! It’s a very varied job and a busy one at that. The thought of another 100 CV’s was something that kept us from actually recruiting for this role until we were almost at bursting point.
Having been introduced to Sarah about two years ago I thought about all the things I wrote in the first paragraph!
But I was caught between two evils, so I decided to speak with her more to see how she actually recruited for companies.
I needn’t have worried and wished I used her before! She spent time first in our office speaking with everyone to ascertain what they individually thought we needed from our new Office Manager who was also going to handle the Directors diaries.
Sarah says she does this to get the feel of a company, the day to day atmospheres and the type of person to fit.
She then met and telephone interviewed a number of clients, keeping us posted on who and where they had come from and what she was still looking for.
We had our doubts I can’t dismiss, but Sarah then announced she wanted us to meet Ellie as she was she thought “the one!”
We interviewed Ellie who already knew lots about us so actually it was more of the question -do the two pieces of the jigsaw fit? Yes they definitely did. Ellie did a half days trial which is something Sarah encourages.
Ellie joined us properly the next week and so far so good, for both of us.
And in the two weeks Sarah has spent filling this role, I have been able to design four projects and successfully win them all.
That’s a testament in itself to us!
One piece of advice Sarah continually gives to clients is that if you want good staff, and retain them make sure you have a nice environment for them to work in. Paying great money to someone isn’t everything. People like to feel good about the place they work IN and we have many testimonials that reinforce that staff actually come to work earlier and are more committed to a business that provides a great office to work in.
So if you have a dilemma over recruiting or whether you have a great office for someone to want to commit working in and get great results for your business here are the details you need!
Sarah Trought
The Mind Company
07872 600 489
Finding the right people made easy
Julie Anderson
Rap Interiors
0333 600 1234 julie@rapinteriors.co.uk
Inspiration and results for a great place to work, funky office design and delivery

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