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How Your Office Interiors Can Set The Right First Impression

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Your office is a major influence in regards to how clients first see your company, in fact when people were asked what is most likely to leave a negative first impression 33.9% of people said it was cluttered workspaces, while 19.1% said dated decoration and 20.5% said a lack of natural light. The remaining percentages covered how staff are seen, which is a small percentage in the grand scheme of things.
Setting the first impression for your business is crucial to success, if people don’t feel that they can buy into your company upon first impressions then it’s unlikely they will at all. There are several factors that go into receiving a positive first impression, but one of the most important is how your office reflects your company.
What Deters Potential Clients & employees?
Before thinking about changing your commercial interiors it’s important to look at what more often than not turns away potential clients and even employees. There are several major turn offs for potential clients and employees when they first step into your workspace.
From messy documents to bulky storage that takes up a large amount of office space, clutter in an office can often mean that potential clients get a bad first impression. Clutter is often seen as disorganised and potential clients may feel that this could reflect your general company ethos.
Another issue with clutter is that with so many documents scattered throughout the space, clients may feel that confidential information is at risk due to a lack of organisation, especially if they’re left on display for anyone to read. A solution to this is storage walls and storage solutions.Poor Office Lighting
If your commercial interiors are lacking in natural lighting or just has generally gloomy lighting then it may be time to alter that. Lighting is important to office productivity and if your office lighting isn’t to a particular standard then your colleagues may find it hard to work in such conditions.
Low quality lighting doesn’t benefit potential clients either, as gloomy lighting can set an unwelcoming environment which could leave a bad impression. A solution to this is LED lighting, as they’re safer, sturdier and longer lasting.
Dated Commercial Interiors
There’s a big difference between your commercial interiors being dated and looking dated. Your workspace design might not have changed in a while but is still able to reflect your company ethos as long as the branding is clear throughout the workspace. But when your office is starting to looking chipped and tattered it’s a major problem for your clients and employees. A solution to this is co-ordinating and complimenting office wall features and colours.Simple things like office furniture that doesn’t match with various different heights and furniture finishes can work if doing in a design-led way BUT if it’s simply looking second hand and furniture that has been acquired over years it looks unprofessional. This look needs changing, to feel more professional. If your staff feel that their workspace is perfect for them, they will be more proud of where they work and therefore be more productive.Setting the scene
Temperature and noise are often unthought-of when it comes to your commercial interiors, but they shouldn’t be neglected. For those that enter your office a hot and noisy workspace may be their worst nightmare and definitely sets a bad impression for your company.
On the flip side a silent and freezing cold office can also have the same negative first impression. Potential clients often buy into a lively company who love working in their office and if that’s not clear it definitely sets a bad first impression. The solution to this is compliant air controlled office systems and acoustic solutions.Pristine Workspaces
Beyond anything else it’s important that your commercial interiors are kept clean and tidy, which can be maintained with the right commercial interiors solution. One issue that we see people struggle with is cable management in particular when trying to keep their office spaces looking fresh and pristine. However with under floor cabling and office desks integrated with technology there’s never been an easier time to keep your workspaces free from messy cables.Storage
Storage solutions don’t have to be big, nor do they have to be boring either. There are plenty of office storage solutions that not only allow you more office space but they can also look really funky too.
Your storage should keep file saving discreet but still be considered attractive, which can be hard to find for some. However there are some bespoke options available, something that is entirely unique to the overall workspace design. With custom printed storage solutions available you’ll not only have storage solutions that don’t clutter your space, but you’ll also have storage that sets the right impression for your company.Plants In The Office
Having plants in your workspace can be great, not just as an aesthetic but also because they benefit your employees. Plants allow more oxygen to be produced in the office, which can stimulate your employees and improve the mood of the space.
This can kill two birds with one stone as the office interiors will look fresher, impress the client AND staff are more likely to be friendlier which gives off a positive image for the company.Opening Up Your Office Interiors (But Not Too Much)
With the days of cramped office cubicles finally coming to a close, it’s important that your office interiors keep up with the office trends. An open workspace design can help clients feel at ease when they enter your office, as well as help with overall office productivity.However there is such a thing as going too far when opening up your office space. In a recent article by Dezeen there was a discussion about a completely open plan office space actually being bad for office productivity when it’s taken to the nth degree. With no separations between departments it’s almost impossible for confidential meetings to be held, which can also make the client uneasy.
This can also be detrimental for your employees, especially for those that consider themselves to be introverts. Employees need a place for private work and private department collaboration and that can be made incredibly difficult if there’s not a place in which disruptions can’t be made for all involved. This impacts the business as a whole, as this level of interaction with colleagues can cause a decrease in productivity. The solution to many office workspaces are office furniture trends and ideas.Big thank you to Danny Andrews from ignition Search who sent us the infographic to accompany the blog.
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