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Loving Your Office This Valentine’s

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February 14th is almost here which means soon love will be in the air. Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated with gifts and gestures for loved ones, a special day to show how you feel about someone. However with the Valentine’s Day falling on a weekday, some of your employees may not be feeling the love. Let’s change that by bringing love into your office interiors this year.Valentine’s Day – A Brief History
Before greeting your employees with a Valentine theme, it’s nice to look at how the celebration actually started. Valentine’s Day is an annual event that falls on the 14th of February, which started because Saint Valentine of Rome fought for the marital ceremonies for soldiers (Who were actually forbidden to marry during this time).
The legend of his story claims that he healed the daughter of his jailer Asterius and before his execution wrote her a letter which at the end was signed “Your Valentine” as a final goodbye. Valentine was executed on the 14th February, which is why we celebrate Valentine’s Day on this date.
Although not the most uplifting story given the theme of the day, it has become a time that symbolises the joyous compassion for the ones you love. This was not celebrated in the commercial way we do now until the 18th century, where the tradition of the buying gifts for loved ones became the norm.
Funky Valentine’s Ideas For Your Office
Roses Are Red…
In a previous blog we talked about how bringing office plants into your office can boost productivity through biophilic design. This is the idea that we have a connection to natural elements, which are supposed to reduce stress and increase workflow.
With Valentine’s Day being the theme here, perhaps switching out your typical office plants with bunches of roses around the office is a nice change to the typical office look. Alternatively you can use white and pink flowers alongside the red to mix things up a bit.
It’s also important to be aware of any allergies your colleagues may have before bringing in flowers. If any of your colleagues happen to be allergic then it may be better to go for origami made flowers or fake ones.
Valentine’s Day Get-together
Valentine’s Day is a time for celebration, so why not throw a little Valentine office party? This doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, just a little gathering with your employees and some Valentine themed snacks. This can be a great way to wind down the day and for employees to relax a little, opening up social discussions amongst your workforce.
Including some fun little office games could be great for team building and improving relationships between other departments. It’s also an ideal way to break the ice for employees that haven’t been there long, as it puts them in a comfortable social environment.Office Decorations
Bringing that feeling of love into the office doesn’t have to be too expensive, it can be cheap and simple. Little touches such as heart cut-outs across your desks and walls can achieve a subtle sense of Valentine’s Day without coming across as overly tacky.
Reb ribbons are perfect for if you want to decorate your office furniture, as it can be wrapped around the edges without looking like an eye sore or overly tacky. Little elements like this are a sure way to visually bring Valentine’s Day into your office.Loving Your Breakout Area
Don’t just bring love into your office, bring it into your breakout area too! The best part about your kitchen and breakout areas is that the decorations don’t have to stop at your office interiors. By bringing in Valentine’s Day themed napkins, disposable cups and cutlery you can bring out the seasonal touch in your employees.
It doesn’t just have to stop there though, you could also include little gifts or perhaps Valentine themed candles on each breakout area desk to commemorate the celebrations. Little touches to the breakout area like this are bound to bring a little Valentine spirit into the office.The Do’s & Don’ts
In addition to our recommendations, Forbes have also recently released a Do’s and Don’t guide for the workplace which includes the following:
– Bestow gifts on one or some colleagues and not others
– Give your colleagues expensive or inappropriate gifts
– Flirt with co-workers
– Get physical in the office
– Use the day to justify inappropriate behavior
– Keep your emotions in check. Don’t let them affect your work day
– Bring in a small treat, like cookies, for everyone in the office to enjoy
– Use the day to remind yourself and your colleagues what you love about your job
– Wish your colleagues a Happy Valentines Day
– Keep the details of your love life outside of the office
If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in the office this year then these are definitely the guidelines to follow.
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