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Office Storage Solution For Sale In Ashford

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Are all your documents taking up too much space on the desk? Is your workspace becoming cluttered with files? We may have the solution for you! We’re selling a movable storage system which is perfect for the needs of an office space that’s struggling to keep all their documents organised and safely kept.With a delta clip rolling racking system in white with Beech MFC decorative end panels, this isn’t just a solution that’s going to tidy up your cluttered space but it’s also going to look fantastic in your office. The unit is made up for two static bays which are four units wide, and six mobile bays consisting of eight back to back units.
With the combination shelves you’ll be able to allow lateral filing underneath the shelves, which means there’s plenty of space for files to be kept. It runs on a surface mounted track with infill dark grey anti-slip panels in the mobile areas, which means that there’s no danger of the units falling.The overall of the unit is 7800mm wide and 4100mm deep, so there’s plenty of storage to go around for your office. There are fifty six bays in total, with each 2175mm high, 1000mm wide and 400mm deep.
The cost of the unit is £200, which is a fantastic price if you’re struggling with finding a storage solution that can really help you. The storage unit is for collection only and is in Ashford.
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