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Quality Used Office Furniture Solutions for Sale

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If you’re looking for high quality second hand furniture to re-decorate your office space, then you’re in luck! AB World Foods in Kings Hill, Kent, are selling a wide range of office furniture that remains in great condition.
The collection of used office furniture solutions includes:
90 x 1600 desks. The majority are bank desks, so are joined together (i.e. share legs, though there are some individual ones).
90 x metal pedestals
60 TASK operator chairs
10-15 medium high storage units (1600h)
5-6 round tables
20 wooden café chairs
5 meeting tables
20 plastic meeting chairs
If you’re interested in buying, email Julie.Allingham@abworldfoods.com
Why Buy Second Hand Office Furniture Solutions?
It’s Office Ready
The great things about buying second hand is that you get a great mix of furniture that has already served its purpose in a functioning office. This means that the furniture will more than likely be able to meet your requirements, so you don’t have spend ages on Google searching for each and every piece!
It’s Cheaper
Opting for second hand furniture is inevitably cheaper, and can also look as good as new if you’re lucky enough to find it in good condition. With the money saved over you may even want to customise your furniture to create a vibrant, vintage look, which would be great for a company with creativity at its core.It’s Eco-Friendly
Going for second hand furniture solutions is a great way of being eco-friendly, simply because they won’t end up in a landfill (therefore helping to reduce your carbon footprint). Going for second hand furniture is a particularly good option if you’re company has a green, eco-friendly ethos.Are You Thinking About an Office Refurbishment?
With over 25 years of experience, Rap Interiors are one of the leading refurbishment companies in the South East. We pride ourselves on providing of cutting edge solutions that reflect your company ethos, and are committed to completing the work on time and within budget. To start planning your dream refurbishment, call Rap Interiors on on 0333 600 1234 or email refurb@rapinteriors.co.uk

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