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Rap Interiors Sponsor Maidstone Roller Hockey Club

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As avid readers of our blog know, here at Rap Interiors we have a history of sponsoring sport and 2015 is no exception.
Not only are we sponsoring the U-14 Woodpecker Football Club but we’re also sponsoring the Maidstone Roller Hockey Club and Medway Mariners Hockey Club in their new upcoming season.
So why do we get involved with these clubs and what are they all about?
Here at Rap we believe that sponsors are a great way to build relationships with people and get involved with activities that promote sport and fitness, which is exactly what these clubs specialise in.Roller Hockey?
Roller Hockey is a sport that originated in England in 1896 and was originally dubbed ‘rink hockey’, making it the oldest sport around that was recognised. Originally the sport wasn’t played with hockey sticks, but rather walking sticks and umbrella handles that were no longer in use.
Although it built up in the early stages, it is not as well recognised as originally thought and is seen as a niche sport to a lot. Nonetheless the development of the sport has allowed many players to be well paid professionals.Rolling into a new season…
Maidstone Roller Hockey Club is based at the local YMCA leisure centre in Loose, Kent (founded in 1973). It is the only club in the South east and has produced the highest quality of players in the country. They regularly compete and over the years they have gained several wins in national cup titles (1990, 1997 & 1999), proving they have performed well over the last few decades. The Maidstone Roller Hockey Club competes in National Division One, which is the second highest national league In England.
The sponsorship for the Maidstone Roller Hockey Club was agreed upon in March and runs for two years. We hope that the relationship between us and the club continue, due to the club being so prestigious in what they do.
Maidstone Roller Hockey Club Chairman, Nick Williams, said “Everyone at the club is absolutely delighted to have Rap Interiors on board as our sponsor. They are a well-established and well-respected business, who already do much to support youth projects and youth-related activity across Kent. We are thrilled about this partnership!
We are looking forward to working with Julie Anderson and her team at Rap Interiors to engage with more young people and encourage them to come and try this fast-moving and exciting sport.”Maidstone Roller Hockey fixtures for the current season are as followed:
Saturday 21 Nov: Kent League KL YMCA, Maidstone ME15 6BD 7.00pm
Sunday 22 Nov: SECRHA U11 YMCA, Maidstone ME15 6BD 12.00pmKeep on rolling
We’re also sponsoring a new roller hockey club in the Medway region, known as the Medway Mariners Roller Hockey Club. They are based in Medway Park, Gillingham and are the only club in their part of the South east. We are sponsoring Medway RHC from August 2015 to August 2017, which covers two seasons.
With this sponsorship the club will be able to fund and secure the following:
Full playing kit (Both Home & Away, with Rap logo on the front of the kits) for all intended age groups
Equipment for training (Bibs, targets, cones, etc)
Equipment for children taking up roller hockey (sticks, protective equipment, skates)
Registration fees for new clubs to the National Roller Hockey Association
Chairman of Mariners Roller Hockey Club and our very own Senior Designer, Scott Howard exclaimed his gratitude for being sponsored by us and the direction that the club has gone in the last six weeks:
‘Medway Mariners Roller Hockey Club was started by a team of senior players, who decided to take on the challenge with the help of the SECRHA (South Eastern Counties Roller Hockey Association) development officer and build a new club in the Medway area.’
‘The seniors worked together in promoting the club and bringing in young people into the sport of Roller Hockey. This is not an easy task as Roller Hockey is not a well-known sport, unlike football or Rugby. As a sport roller hockey expands and develops slowly at first and then rapidly through word of mouth.’
‘Over the next few months with the help of the Rap Interiors’ sponsorship we aim to grow the club in Medway, with our well located sports venue as well as the large catchment area in Medway. We hope to promote both the sport and Rap Interiors as the company who backed a new club within a Great sport.’ ‘Without the help of Rap Interiors, this new club would not have been able to register and become an affiliated club with the NRHA (National Roller Hockey Association) as well as purchase team playing kit, equipment and marketing material to promote the club. Over the past 6 weeks of creating this new club, we have already gained 12 experienced senior players and 9 junior players who have never played the sport, 3 of which have never skated before and in the short space of time are skating forwards and are currently learning to go backwards.’
We’re delighted to be in partnership with Medway RHC and we take great pride in associating our name with the promotion of healthy and socially active activities. We hope to continue this partnership on further.
We will be interested to see how Medway Mariners first tournament in November goes as they will be playing against Maidstone Roller Hockey Club – a very Rap affair.
It’s not just roller hockey we’ve been sponsoring however, as we’ve also taken quite the interest into the world of football, which is apparent through our sponsorship with the Woodpeckers under 14s Football Club.
Football is a very endurance and team based sport and Woodpeckers Football promote this ideal to young people, which is great to see and is definitely something worth sponsoring.Division One: Woodpeckers Under 14s
Woodpecker are a club based in Hoo and have nine teams from under 7s up to under 18s. They’ve been an existing and well established club since 1972 and have achieved the FA Charter Standard since 2001. There are over 120 young people that are members of the team from Medway Towns and the club is predicted to grow more in age.
We’ve recently become a sponsor for the Woodpeckers’ under 14s Club, who have recently ranked up to Division One. They’ve recently secured a win against the Thamesview Youth Rangers with a score of 3-2. This has been the first fixture since they’ve been promoted into this division and given the recent win they secured it shows that they are definitely in their element.
Patrick Gallagher Chairman of the Woodpeckers Football Club, thanked us on the generous sponsor and reflected on the progress of the club over the years as well as the previous season’s results:On behalf of the Woodpeckers Football club, and particular the boys and parents of the under 14’s team, I would like to thank you for the fantastic Sponsorship from Rap Interiors this year. The shirts look fantastic with the Rap Logo on.’
‘Woodpeckers HI was formed to help local children enjoy playing sport with their friends in a friendly and fun filled atmosphere. It has always been and is to date, run by volunteers to coach, cut grass, mark out pitches, provide refreshments and organise fun days and events.’
‘Over the years the club has helped hundreds of children in the local community to enjoy sport participation, including respect, team work, develop their football and social skills.’
‘Last season the team finished equal 2nd in Division Two of the Medway Messenger U13 League and won the John Leeds Trophy. This season, having been promoted to Division One, we hope to again compete against higher quality teams this season and have started by winning 3 of our opening 4 fixtures. Who knows maybe another trophy success is achievable as well.’

Woodpecker upcoming fixtures: November 2015
Sun 1 Woodpecker H I F C 10:00 Wigmore Youth FC League
Sun 8 Woodpecker H I F C 10:00 Woodcoombe Youth FC League
Sun 22 Woodpecker H I F C 10:00 Real 60 FC League
Sun 29 Woodcoombe Youth FC 10:00 Woodpecker H I F C League
December 2015
Sun 13 Woodpecker H I F C 10:00 Strood 87 FC League
January 2016
Sun 10 Woodpecker H I F C 10:00 Bredhurst Juniors FC League
Sun 17 Thamesview Youth FC 10:30 Woodpecker H I F C League
Sun 24 Strood 87 FC 13:30 Woodpecker H I F C League
Sun 31 Bredhurst Juniors FC 10:30 Woodpecker H I F C League
February 2016
Sun 7 Woodpecker H I F C 10:00 Strood 87 Rangers FC League
Sun 21 Woodpecker H I F C 10:00 Lordswood FC LeagueRap are also proud to sponsor Maidstone Football Club with our banner being on the pitch at Gallaghers Stadium.
We look forward to watching their Emirates FA cup success over the coming weeks with their first game against Yeovil Town.
Overall one the greatest benefits of promoting a team is the sense of corporate social responsibility in the workplace, creating a positive working environment.
When employees and management feel they are working for a business that has a conscience, they will be more enthusiastic and engaged in their jobs. This in turn can build a sense of teamwork which brings everyone together and leads to happier and more productive employees.
The sponsors do not just benefit the teams but also us at Rap, as it allows us to create our own community around the sport and build relationships with partners. The sponsors promote fitness and proactive mentalities, which greatly benefit office productivity due to healthy bodies leading to healthy mind-sets.
(Thank you to all the clubs for allowing us to use their imagery)

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