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Rap Sponsor Medway Mariners Roller Hockey Club

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Rap Interiors

Medway Mariners Roller Hockey Club is proud to announce Kent based fit out company, Rap Interiors as its new club sponsors with an exciting club launch event.
Rap Interiors are proud to sponsor their second Roller hockey club with a 2 year sponsorship.
Medway Club Secretary, Marlena Moutinho said “A lot goes into setting up a club in general, but setting up a club for a minority sport in an area that is not aware of the sport is harder. So without the help of other SECRHA (South Eastern Counties Roller Hockey Association) and roller hockey clubs like Herne Bay RHC’s Mick & Pat Harris, with daughter Julie, who have assisted us by doing taster sessions, holding home tournaments at Medway Park and getting the Herne Bay juniors involved in friendlies, None of this would of been possible.”With every sports club there is a need for financial backing and club Chairman Scott Howard, managed to secure sponsorship from RAP Interiors, who also sponsor another Roller hockey club – Maidstone RHC. Scott (who is Rap’s Senior Designer) exclaimed his gratitude for being sponsored by us saying “Medway Mariners Roller Hockey Club was started by a team of senior players, who decided to take on the challenge with the help of the SECRHA (South Eastern Counties Roller Hockey Association) development officer and build a new club in the Medway area.’
‘The seniors worked together in promoting the club and bringing in young people into the sport of Roller Hockey. This is not an easy task as Roller Hockey is not a well-known sport, unlike football or Rugby. As a sport roller hockey expands and develops slowly at first and then rapidly through word of mouth.’
‘Over the next few months with the help of the Rap Interiors’ sponsorship we aim to grow the club in Medway, with our well located sports venue as well as the large catchment area in Medway. We hope to promote both the sport and Rap Interiors as the company who backed a new club within a Great sport.’
‘Without the help of Rap Interiors, this new club would not have been able to register and become an affiliated club with the NRHA (National Roller Hockey Association) as well as purchase team playing kit, equipment and marketing material to promote the club. Over the last 6 months of creating this new club, we have already gained 12 experienced senior players and 9 junior players who have never played the sport, 3 of which have never skated before and in the short space of time are skating forwards and are currently learning to go backwards.
Now Medway has the equipment they will be able to go into schools, like we did at Featherby Juniors last June and offer taster sessions to young people.”
The official club launch was on Sunday 17th January at Medway park, where the young people who have been attending Medway Mariners junior sessions were able to play against a junior Herne Bay team in a friendly and get a taste of what the game is about, after weeks of skating, ball control and basics of roller hockey sessions. The atmosphere was great and the crowd cheering on the youngsters with the aid of Medway Mariners Hand clappers!
This was followed by a senior exhibition game where Medway ALL STARS competed in a senior friendly game. The teams consisted of Medway Mariners players, Herne Bay & Invicta players. Some being Ex-England players, some current England ladies players, some Veteran players, as well as new additions to the Medway Senior squad from local Medway Senior Schools.. So definitely a MEDWAY ALL STAR Teams.
The day ran smoothly and Rap Director, Julie Anderson commenting saying “We are excited about supporting Medway Mariners Roller Hockey Club. The club has big ambitions to grow their members particularly the youth section and we are passionate about supporting projects that engage with young people so this was a natural fit for us.As young people move into the world of work they will find that employers are looking team players and confidence and I believe that there is nothing quite like sport to help young people develop these skills. At Rap Interiors, we are proud to support Medway Mariners Roller Hockey Club as it has teams of youngsters of all ages, and the sooner young people are engaged in becoming team players the more I believe their opportunities will open up for them in later life.”
This Sunday 24th January, Medway Mariners RHC travel up to Sudbury in their first Eastern Counties tournament as a Club, where they will play Walsall, Norwich and Letchworth. Most exciting for us is that Medway RHC will also be playing Maidstone RHC so it will be a very RAP affair!
Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest sports news and updates.Further Information:
Any school who is interested in a taster session being delivered in school or anyone interested in trying out, please contact Marlena on medwaymarinersrhc@gmail.com our sessions are Juniors Monday 5.30pm – 7pm and Seniors 8pm -9.30pm

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