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Summer Office Trends 2016

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Summer 2016 is finally here, which means that it is now the season of warm weathers and positivity. However this can be difficult to enjoy for those that work the usual nine to five in the office as they can’t experience summer to the best of its ability.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, if the office won’t come to summer then summer will come to the office. So how can you bring summer into the workspace?

Bright & Bold

Perhaps one of the biggest aspects when it comes to bringing summer into the office is the colours that are displayed throughout. When it comes to a summery workspace it’s about the bright and bold side of colours, so strong oranges and yellows can help promote positive moods and confidence.

Wall Art

Your office space says a lot about the general ethos of your company, so sprucing up the general look of your workplace with wall art can be just the touch your office needs.Even corporate businesses can add to their space with a splash of decorative wall vinyl graphics.

As summer is a time that is bright and vivid, it’s only fitting that your wall art is too. Colourful imagery is a great for that summer feeling, so anything from pretty flowers to bright abstract images will fit with that summer visual.

Funky Furniture

Although the colours and decorations of the office can really bring your summer workspace together, without some funky office furniture solutions your office doesn’t blend all that well with the overall intended feel. As summer is a time where people are relatively social, office furniture that promotes collaboration can really capture that summer vibe.

Booths in particular are quite good for collaborative working in the summer, as they can not only help when it comes to small informative meetings but some can provide shade if the sun is obstructing your eyes.

Green In the Office

Summer is often associated with the blooms of nature, from the grass in the park to the fully blossomed trees left by spring. This means that office decorations such as office plants are a great way to induct summer into the workspace, not just because they look aesthetically pleasing but also because they help with oxygen production. This will put your employees in a better mood during this summertime as their brains will be receiving enough oxygen to power through their work effectively.

Artificial grass is another great solution to bring into the office, as it really gives off a feeling of those summer time walks through the park. Artificial plants are also available if real plants aren’t sustainable in your current space.

Acoustic Solutions

Noise can sometimes be the biggest bane in the office, especially in summer as the office can often get in a bit of hustle and bustle. Although the more social and extrovert employees may thrive in this scenario, introvert employees may struggle focusing on their work with an abundance of noise. Summer is the perfect time to implement some funky acoustic solutions that really capture the season through workplace design. Not only do they look amazing but they can improve overall productivity, as employees will be able to focus more on the tasks at hand.

A trendy way to lower noise levels and bring summer into the workspace is through the use of acoustic office pods that are made with natural materials. These pods look perfect in the summer workspace as they’re created using natural materials such as wood, which gives of a garden vibe to your workspace.

Customisable Space

Summer is a season for a variety of activities, both relaxing and activity filled. As these are the summer trends it’s only right that your office replicates this mentality. By incorporating interchangeable workstations you can choose to relax in your seat or to stand in order maintain a better posture. Not only is this way of working great for summer but it’s also great for getting employees on their feet in order to improve health.

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