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Top 7 Office Design Trends For 2017

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2017 is finally here which can only mean one thing: a New Year with new trends. Every year office design trends change with new ways to improve your space and this year is no different. Last year had some fantastic workspace design trends, from the famous Google effect trend to the use of natural elements. But what new trends for 2017 should you include in your office interior design?

Office Design Trend #1: Work ‘Zones’

Last year businesses were striving for a super collaborative work environment, where offices knocked down the walls and aimed for an entirely open plan office design. This year however there is much more of a balance between collaboration and private work, as businesses are now looking into work zones.

These zones are designed so that employees can choose whether they need to work together or get away from unwanted distractions. For example the more collaborative and social working zones would look more like an office breakout area, whilst zones designated to privacy would be in cubicle areas or perhaps even office pods.

This trend is not only great from an interior design aspect, but also an office space design one. It allows people to choose how they want to work which will improve the quality of work.

Office Design Trend #2: Customisation

Although this trend did start to make an appearance in 2016, it’s in 2017 that the idea of a customisable workspace design is going to really take off. With work zones and new ideas for customisable office furniture on the rise, it’s hard to ignore that employees want to be able to tailor their office experience to suit them.

Luckily with new office furniture solutions such as: height adjustable office desks, new adjustable ergonomic seating and built in office technology, this level of customisation is at a hands reach for employees.

Office Design Trend #3: Office colours

In previous blogs we’ve mentioned how office colours and shades can play a huge part in how effective your office interior design is and this year is no different. Pantone’s top colours for spring 2017 are even following suit with the idea of incorporating a range of shades, with the colours ranging from earthy, pastel and bold vivid hues.

This means that rather than just splashing neon paint across your office in an attempt to create a productive office, you’ll need to find the right balance of colours with different tones. A great way of using the latest trending colours is by combining it with the latest zones trend, so your office colours can be used to influence zones to perform a certain way.

Office Design Trend #4: The Smart Office

We now live in an era where new technologies are becoming more mobile, to the point we can actually integrate them with our office furniture. New office desks such as tech desks are a recent example of how offices are moving towards the smart office.

The idea of the smart office is to have everything technologically integrated, so employees can switch their working styles. Employees will have plenty of freedom to choose what to work off from the usual desktop to your mobile phone, but it would all have to be connected so you can access what you need at a whim.

This level of customisation is also great for welcoming millennials into the workplace as they’re well accustomed to the switch of technology.

Office Design Trend #5: Workspace Culture

Research conducted by Haworth Research early last year showed that the workplace is often seen as a cost rather than anything else, meaning that workplace culture has been completely neglected in the past. The issue with this is that culture is unique to every company, which can be a clients’ deciding factor on whether a client feels they can do business with you.

Developing a culture is an important part of becoming an effective business, as is reflecting that culture through your office interiors. In recent development businesses have tried to incorporate elements of their culture through office space design, but too many have followed giant companies with completely different identities.

Everybody wants to be Google, Twitter or Facebook, but the problem is that these companies may have a completely different ethos. Stand out through your workspace design and let your interiors reflect your culture or better yet improve it.

Office Design Trend #6: The Home Office Look

We spend so much time in the office that we could consider it a second home, which is why the residential trend is so popular. From sleeping pods to homely feeling kitchen spaces, little flairs of the residential look can do wonders for your overall office space design.

The best area of your office to push the envelope with residential themes would be the breakout area, as employees are likely to relate home with relaxation. Soft seating office furniture solutions such as sofas and beanbags can really emphasise that, as it gives off the feeling of a living room.

Office Design Trend #7: Biophilic Design

A trend that’s also carried on from 2016 is the idea of the bringing the outdoors into your office. With employees being in the office for roughly eight hours a day, it’s important that they at least experience the ambience of nature. Incorporating living walls into your space or placing plants throughout your space are just a couple of ways that you can bring the outdoors into your office design.

The idea of bringing plants and lighting into the office in order to increase productivity is known as biophilic design. This is the idea that there is a connection between people and natural elements; by incorporating that into your office interior design you can reduce stress and boost productivity.

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