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Healthcare Space Planning

Making the most of space, making the most of your facility

Space planning for the healthcare sector involves taking all the disparate elements of your healthcare facility and ensuring that they fit together in a way that is efficient, attractive and suitable to your sector. In healthcare this can be more complex than in other sectors, as you not only have to consider things like headcount and the size of the property, but also the special needs of your clientele and the special equipment you may require.

Here at Rap, we’re experts when it comes to provide space planning solutions for health facilities including doctors’ surgeries, health clinics, dentists and more, and we have specialised in residential and care home interiors throughout most of our thirty year history.

Your needs are our concern

We understand that older properties may have a character all of their own and so we work in a respectful and considered manner to ensure that any new interior designs fits around the best aspects of your healthcare facility.

It may be that your care home residents have different levels of dependency and that therefore certain bedrooms need to be closer to a nurses’ station. It may be that your dentists specialise in more than one area and require tools to suit multiple disciplines, or it may simply be that you need more room in one area of your surgery or care home.


Whatever the case, our dedicated design team will guide you seamlessly through the space planning process and advise you on every aspect of the project in order to facilitate an outcome that is time and cost effective, as well as sympathetic to the needs of you and your clientele.

We have offices in Brighton, London, Croydon and Kent from which we deliver outstanding healthcare space planning to clients throughout the UK.

To see some of our completed healthcare space planning projects click here.

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