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Furniture for your business

A brand new interior design needs brand new furniture and at Rap we provide a range of specialist furniture that is ideal for leisure and retail interiors.

Our interior designers have many years experience in the industry and are fully up to date with the latest trends in leisure and retail. From basics such as tables and chairs, to specialist items for gyms, shops and more, we have something to suit every business.

Working for you and the planet

We have spent years building up a dedicated supply chain whose commitment to sustainability and quality matches our own, and all our furniture is fully compliant with British Safety Standards. Our suppliers will deliver and install your furniture in a manner that is minimally disruptive to your business and will even take away your old furniture to be recycled.

Our selection is vast, our experience is second to none and our personalised service has won acclaim across the UK, which means that businesses from hotels to nightclubs, and restaurants to party buses can all benefit from our unique service. It may seem that the furniture you use is secondary to things like colour, decorating and space planning, but the fact is that truly outstanding furniture is one of the best means by which to enhance your leisure or retail interiors, meaning that working with us is an investment in the future of your business.

Are you curious about the latest trends in furniture? Take a look at our blog section for the low down on this year’s top tables, chief chairs and designer desks, or watch our video of the latest office trends for 2016 here

We have offices in Brighton, London, Croydon and Kent from which we deliver outstanding furniture to leisure and retail to clients throughout the UK.

To see some of our completed leisure and retail furniture projects click here.

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