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Leisure & Retail Space Planning

Optimising your space, maximising your potential

Space planning for the retail and leisure industry is more than simply deciding where to put the till! We study your business, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, gym, shop, nightclub or even party bus, and we use our research to maximise the potential of your interiors. Not only that, but we also use our experience as lifelong consumers, to consider user experience when creating new spaces for the leisure and retail sector. The last thing shop customers want is a same-old same-old design, with poor lighting and narrow aisles.

Similarly, the last thing a hotel visitor wants is a dingy building with sparse amenities. Whatever the type of business we’re working on, we consider the problem from every angle to ensure the best outcome.

Our priority is customer experience: if your customers can move seamlessly through your space and appreciate every aspect of your service to its fullest then they will come back time and again. By taking into account everything from footfall to staff interaction, we create interior designs that are guaranteed to boost your business and wow your staff and customers.

Putting the pieces together

A business is like a puzzle in which all the pieces need to fit together in order to be successful. When the experts at Rap take on a design, fit out or refurbishment project we understand that your brand and your goals are the most important pieces of that puzzle and so we work with you to ensure that your every requirement is met.


We use state of the art 3D CAD software to plan your interiors down to the smallest detail, which gives you a ‘real world’ feel for the outcome before the project has even begun. Our expertise as registered interior fit out contractors means that we can carry out all work in a fast, efficient and minimally disruptive way, to allow you to transition seamlessly from your old surroundings, to your fabulous new ones. We then use our in-depth market knowledge and management skills to create solutions that work for leisure and retail business owners and their clients.

We have offices in Brighton, London, Croydon and Kent from which we deliver outstanding space planning to leisure and retail to clients throughout the UK.

To see some of our completed leisure and retail space planning projects click here.

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