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Blackbox Solutions

Client Background

Based in the heart of Maidstone town centre, Blackbox Solutions offer a range of services including IT support, state-of-the-art office equipment and cloud-based VOIP telephony systems.

Client brief

To create two workspaces on an existing mezzanine floor which provided the company directors with a quiet place to work and hold meetings.

2D space planning visual for the blackbox solutions fit out

Project Summary

Due to the open layout of Blackbox’s office, noise pollution had become a big issue. Not only was there a lot of noise travelling from the lower floor, but private conversations taking place on the mezzanine were also audible to the rest of the office.

In order to prevent the noise from travelling, plans were made to implement two glass-front workspaces at opposite ends of the mezzanine floor. Our interior designers in Kent provided a 2D plan detailing where the partitions would go, and how they would be fitted.


Part of the challenge was the building’s industrial roof, which had steel purlins and no finished ceiling line. With no flat surface to work with, we were forced to think outside the box in order to fit the glass. Our solution was to design and make timber sections that would fit around the purlins, as this would give us a flat level surface to insert the aluminium tracks. With the timber and aluminium tracks in place, we could then fit the glass partitions.

For our client it was important that the visual impact of the roof’s steel framework was maintained, and therefore we set the glass back behind the steel framework for the ceiling supports. The partitions would be seamless glass systems with lockable, frameless doors.

Before and After Comparison - Blackbox Solutions

accounts payable office with glass partition by fit out contractor rap interiors
original office design at blackbox solutions in maidstone

The Finished Office Interior Design

The Blackbox directors now have a private office space which retains an open look. Not only has noise pollution been significantly reduced due to partitioning, but the lockable doors offer a space for meetings and interviews. This is essential in preventing any legal or ethical issues arising, which is what our client wanted.

Aesthetically, the steel framework is still visible, which maintains the industrial look of the building. The glass partitioning adds depth and brightness to the building, which would have otherwise been lost with a stud wall.

We’re delighted to have been chosen to work on this project for Blackbox, and hope the transformation will help them to move forward as a company.

lockable glass door installed by interior design company rap interiors
glass partition with industrial steel framework fitted by fit out contractor rap interiors
decorative globe and glass partition with manifestation
circular glass manifestation suggested by rap's interior designers

A Word with Colin Ayres of Blackbox Solutions

Has Rap Fulfilled Your Expectations?

Yes – Rap were very good. It’s a very old building, so it wasn’t just a case of putting in glass partitioning. The biggest challenge to overcome was the odd shapes, because it’s not just a true apex. It’s at certain angles and they had to build it into the existing steel framework.

Has the transformation improved your working environment?

Yes. The new office interior design has created a new workspace for the two directors of the business. And since Rick was first involved I’ve had a new finance manager that’s joined, so she’s going to be in here with me. We’ve moved her upstairs so she’s got her own quiet office space.

It allows me to have my own meeting room here, and everyone who has visited has commented how good and professional they look.

Would you recommend Rap to other businesses?

Of course we would – yes! They came in in good time and did a survey. They visited twice: once to put all the rails up, and then second time to fit the glass and hang the doors etc.

The subcontractors that Rap used were very polite and kept things nice and clean. They also kept things as quiet as they could.

Rap Interiors is one of the South East’s leading interior design companies, with nearly three decades of experience. If Blackbox’s story has inspired you to make changes to your office, then contact us today for your free consultation.

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