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With the world of work rapidly evolving, it is important to utilise new technology to complement new working practices. For example, Rap Interiors works with many companies that operate with hot-desking and hybrid working, both of which leave pockets of space underutilised throughout the day. The question is what can these businesses do to optimise their partially occupied workspaces?

One solution Rap Interiors offers to clients is desk-monitoring technology, which gives real-time insights into occupancy levels in meeting rooms, desk areas, breakout spaces and more. With this valuable data, businesses can make intelligent, fact-based office layout decisions and reduce office utility costs.

Desk monitoring is particularly valuable for businesses that offer flexible working. The technology will notify the business when occupancy reaches a certain low, alerting them to take action and prevent unnecessary energy usage. Such measures will also help to combat climate change, as preserving energy means we do not have to produce more. This results in a truly sustainable workplace that benefits employees, the environment and the company’s bottom line.

In addition to desk-monitoring systems, Rap Interiors offers an office space planning and refurbishment service to facilitate any necessary changes. Rap’s in house team can configure workspaces to support any mode of working, ensuring that redundant or underutilised space is fully optimised. This may also include the installation of new workplace elements, such as motion sensor lighting or portable furniture.

Our ability to assess workplace activity means we are able to move with the times and meet the demands of a changing workforce. While many businesses have faced big challenges over the last several years, the interior design process has never so well informed, so you could argue there has never been a better time to own an office space.

Are You Looking to Optimise Your Workplace?

If you feel like your company will benefit from desk monitoring, then Rap Interiors would love to help. Whatever working style your prefer, we can make necessary changes to take your company forward.

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