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Nearly 60% of workers have been asked to work from home by their employer, following the Governments advice.

If you are one of those workers or the employer of those working from home, this might be a new situation to get used to and a working environment that you aren’t familiar with.

We share our tips on how you can bring the office antics home to still be able to work effectively, and efficiently to ensure a productive working day.

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Have a Designated Workspace

41% of people have an inappropriate working environment which could be a factor in that 50% of people working from home find it hard to stay motivated and focused. 

Working in your PJ’s is going to make you feel sluggish so getting up and dressed as if you were going to work will provide you with that focus to carry your work tasks to the best of your ability. While having that appointed workspace will minimise distractions from any other activities in the home (children, TV, partners for example)

Even if you don’t have an actual office you should have a suitable workspace with the appropriate equipment you need to carry out your role effectively. Your employer should carry out a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment to ensure you are well equipped, including the right furniture and good lighting as examples.

Home Office Workstation

Having the right home office furniture will prevent any repetitive strain injuries, as part of the DSE assessment, providing the same comfort they would experience if they were in the office.

From our own research, nearly a quarter of people don’t have a proper workspace/desk so we have a simple solution providing a three-piece home office workstation, for £460.00+VAT. We can also set you up in your home office and provide a DSE assessment on behalf of your employer to ensure your health and safety is not compromised.

This set can be delivered for FREE in Maidstone with a non-contact request and within a 10-mile radius. Or if you are outside of that, email us for a delivery cost.

  • Desk sizes come in 800mm, 1000mm, 1200m, 1400m, 1600m and 1800m and all for the same price of £460.00+VAT.
  • The chair is mesh with 2 stage tilting synchro mech and adjustable lumbar support.
  • The under-desk ped includes a pen try and locking.

Are you the employer?

Please contact us for bulk enquiry discounts.

If you require just one or two of the items, they can be purchased individually so please enquire to request a price.

Take Breaks

20% of people want clearer and more flexible working policies. This clarity will provide a positive reaction to the 25% of people who are working longer hours, some with reduced or no breaks at all and ensure they are

Properly planned work activities will encourage employees to take more regular breaks which are crucial to maintain concentration levels and focus on the days’ tasks. It also allows them to get up from their workspace and move around, stretching out their limbs like they usually would in the workplace. 

Go for a walk around the block is a good way to get out of the house for some fresh air and break up the day. It’s important to be proactive in looking after our mental health and well-being and the NHS recommend regular exercise to boost your mood. 


Interaction with employees is the thing that people miss the most with over 60% missing face-to-face chats and collaborating with peers.

When in an office workplace, your colleagues are usually at an arm’s reach so getting those all-important questions answered, and just having a general chit chat is a thing taken for granted.

Have frequent check-ins with your team whether that be group chats or video calls so that there is a form of interaction and no one feels alone.

At Rap, each department has its own WhatsApp group and we also have a whole company chat too so we are kept all up to date. This means every employee is kept up to date with the latest project progress, has access to the important information that they need and can have a laugh at the latest memes too!

Staff Training

If you are working from home, or have a task force who are, and could benefit from some virtual online group coaching, we recommend Jacqui Bishop of BB Directions Ltd who is helping 1-2-1 and through interactive webinars for large corporate.

Jacqui can be contacted on or mobile 07957 691990

If you are working from home, Mind has put together a fantastic article with lots of tips on how to deal with being at home, including implementing a routine, eating well, staying hydrated and ways to work at home.

Read the article here. 

Keep Up to Date with British Chambers Business Impact Tracker

This tracker will show how businesses are responding to the government measures and the changes they are making to their working practices in the mean time. It is updated week by week, with how quickly the government’s interventions are impacting the business at the front line.

Check the tracker here