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The impact COVID-19 has had on Rap Interiors

Throughout the month of August, a member of the Rap Interior team will be sharing their experience on how they have coped during the lockdown and the impact that coronavirus has had on their role.

You can see how the team were coping with the stress of lockdown earlier this year here.

What did we do?

As a commercial interior design and fit-out company, we had to pivot our normal services to support other businesses to get their workplace COVID ready. We provide bespoke solutions for protective screens, can redesign office layouts to adhere to social distancing guidelines and have put together a workplace strategy for businesses to follow as guidance.

What it’s Like to Start a New Job During COVID-19?

Marketing Manager Franki started at Rap Interiors week before lockdown. She was in the office for 6 days and then Prime Minister Boris Johnson told us to work from home.

She talks about her experience starting at a new company and a new job role during lockdown, what it was like for her to work from home and how she’s

What it’s Like to Come Back to Work from Furlough During COVID-19

Marketing and Customer Care Assistance Carolyne at Rap Interiors came back to the office a couple of weeks ago from being furloughed. She talks about how she felt about coming back to the office as well as what it’s been like being back in the office too.

What it’s Like to Run a Business During COVID-19?

Design Director Julie has shared her experience of what it’s been like to run a business during the COVID-19 health pandemic.

“It’s been exhausting,” she says but Julie has had the support from the team at Rap and other businesses owners who are all going through this together to come out of the other side.

Need some support getting your business back to normal after COVID-19?

Rap Interiors have put together 5 steps for businesses to follow and create a Workplace Strategy:

Step 1: Role Assessment and Staff Survey

Step 2: Risk Assessment

Step 3: Working from Home

Step 4: Long-term VS Short-term

Step 5: Support

Click here to see the steps in more detail.