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Office Refurbishment VS Office Relocation

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Spring 2016 is here, which means that for a lot of businesses it’s time to get rid of the old and in with the new, a bit of spring cleaning.
Sometimes this sentiment refers to the idea improving your office space, which could be the case for a number of reasons. The question for this situation is: Do you need to relocate your business or does your current space need an office refurbishment?

What Is a Refurbishment?

There is a common misconception that a fit out is exactly like a refurbishment, however this is not the case. While office fit out is all about working on a new empty space, refurbishment is all about revamping your current workspace; improving what you currently have.

What Is Relocation?

A relocation on the other hand is all about moving the office space to a new location, as opposed to working with the current one. This often happens when a company is expanding their horizons or if there are better options out there for efficient workspaces.

Reasons To Relocate

Office Space

Offices can become cramped for a number of reasons, perhaps the business is expanding or trying to complete more objectives in-house rather than outsourcing some of the work? Regardless of the reason, doing so can cause the office space to become cramped and this has a number of effects on co-workers.

However doing this does require planning for the future, so be sure to choose an office space that is for the long term. This means that choosing a slightly larger office could cause problems very quickly, as if your business is constantly expanding you’ll continue to run out of space and therefore constantly relocate.

On the flip size this also works for downsizing the company in order to maintain quality over quantity. Keeping staff to a minimal could result in remaining office space that you don’t really want or need and paying for unnecessary space isn’t ideal for the business. In this situation it may be best to relocate also.


There are many reasons that the location of your business could cause you to want to relocate, not just from the view of the business itself but also from your employees. The distance between your office space and the location of most of your employees could pose as a big issue, as not having a fine balance between work and home life due to travel can increase the likelihood of stress and lacking productivity.

The location may also be an issue because the market in the particular area is relatively niche and not as profitable as another location of your market. If your business is service related this could definitely cause a problem, as there will be more expenses on travel for workers to provide their services.

Reducing Rental Costs

Some office spaces do not seem worth the price paid for monthly rentals, possibly because of their quality or size. This can be a big issue for a growing business, as expansion is either impossible or creates more problems than it’s worth. In this situation it is best to get a feel for other office spaces in an attempt to relocate.

Extending/ Maximising Space

Recently we wrote a blog on transforming and maximising a school space and offices are not all that different from this. Why spend a fortune on dilapidations and then relocate when you can utilise your current space to the best of your ability? If the space is there then use it to the best of your advantage with less cost than going through a lengthy and jargon filled process of dilapidations.

Employee Satisfaction

If it’s been a while since the office has been revamped, employees may feel that their workspaces is becoming a repetitive and stale place to be in on a regular basis. This can be a bit of an issue as an uninspired employee means an unproductive employee usually. This is the perfect opportunity to consider an office refurbishment, as it can increase employee morale and overall productivity.

Workspace Quality

Similar to the point above, employees do not want to work in a low quality workspace that is uninspired and dull. However workspace quality can also be a relocation problem, depending on if the workspace is beyond help or not. That being said it’s often the case that the office space just needs a funky new refurbishment.

Improving Your Company Image

There are plenty of office spaces out there that do not reflect the company image, which can be really disappointing if your company is all about being visually funky. This is where a refurbishment would be ideal, as it allows you to style your entire office based around your corporate style and corporate colours.

Cost Of Relocation

The cost of a new lease and escaping your current lease when moving your business doesn’t just take up your time but can also cost you dearly. If there is a large costing issue regarding your lease then it would only be exacerbated by the cost of dilapidations that would be needed to restore your old office space back to its original layout ready for new tenants.

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