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At Rap Interiors, we opened up about how we were coping with the stress of COVID-19 in the first lockdown, as it was all new to us back in April 2020, while now, nearly a year on, we are trying to keep a more positive attitude amongst the team.

The Rap Interiors team share how they are finding this third national lockdown, what they are up to, to support their emotional wellbeing and what they are looking forward to once the restrictions ease.

What are Rap Interiors Doing During Lockdown 3.0?

The construction industry has not been affected like it was during the first lockdown and so our refurbishment projects can continue with the correct health and safety procedures put in place.

We have implemented a “Team A” and a “Team B” in the office to further mitigate the risk of coronavirus spreading. One week while Team A works from home, Team B are in the office and the following week it’s vice versa, with each team having an asymptomatic test at the Kent County Showground before they come back into the office.

To date, no one in the office has contracted the virus and so the Rap office continues to run on a smooth operation dealing with office design and school refurbishment enquiries.

You can still ring 0333 600 1234 to speak with one of the team to discuss your refurbishment project in more detail.

How are the Rap Interiors team finding lockdown 3.0?

“Homelife and working from home has become more awkward with the schools being closed which means homeschooling is back on again!! It’s not easy at all with a 4yr old, plus not being able to go out anywhere to break the current same old is getting to all of us I believe… How many new places can you go to walk the dog whilst staying local?”

Parry, Projects Director

“Lockdown has not changed my way of life. We always spend all available time as a family together at home, or somewhere in the fresh air. The only significant change for us is travelling as we are unable to see our families back in Czech which is frustrating, but thanks to modern technologies we can have video chats.”

Stuart, Projects Manager

“Still being at work is making it a lot easier as being able to interact with people still and leave home creates more of normality to day-to-day life.”

Ben, Projects Assistant

“Tedious! Whilst during the first lockdown it was summer and there were more optimism and enthusiasm to get on with things as best allowed was notable even if it was remotely/virtual. This time around there just doesn’t seem to be that engagement, with everyone just fed up with it all.”

Gavin, Estimator

“Is it weird to now say that I feel like this is now just the new normal? What’s difficult for me is I was just coming out of maternity leave and looking forward to being with people again as last year was quite difficult raising a newborn with minimal contact from anyone. But hopefully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with all these vaccines coming up!”

Emily, Operations Manager

“It’s sad to say but I feel with each lockdown I’m getting more and more used to being in lockdown. It’s been great to be able to carry on working as I like to keep busy. When I’m not working I’m watching all the box sets and series on TV, along with every televised football match. I’m not sure what I’d do without Sky and Amazon Prime!”

Michael, Health and Safety Manager

“I am finding this lockdown quite difficult.  I am trying to remain positive as I realise that I am lucky that I haven’t been directly affected yet, but the restrictions on not being able to see family and friends, as well as work restrictions, have been quite difficult this lockdown.”

Carolyne, Marketing Assistant

“It’s really strange but I suppose I’m getting used to these lockdowns as nothing really seems to have changed for me.”

Rick, Managing Director

“This current lockdown is definitely a lot harder than the first lockdown, due to the seasonal weather change. The family is cooped up in the house all trying to get on with their new normal days of work/school zooms. The colder weather and darker evenings also make going for walks and exercise shorter and harder to motivate the family to achieve.”

Scott, Designer

What are the team at Rap doing to boost their emotional wellbeing during the lockdown and while working from home?

“I’m still walking the dog a lot, getting lots of fresh air (and getting wet!) and of course walking in Mote Park; there are lots of other dog walkers to say hello to and have a brief minute chat at a safe distance.”


“I love cooking anyway and find it relaxing so lockdown 3 has enabled evenings and weekends to be spent trying new concoctions in the kitchen.”


“Getting out of the house for a period of time is crucial otherwise cabin fever can impact your concentration to work, therefore owning a dog and going for the necessary walk is a definite plus. Trying to keep the wine fridge stocked is proving hard work to keep up😊”


“I have started to paint again after many years. Luckily it’s like bicycle riding, you don’t forget it… Painting is a really nice way to relax and forget about all the negative news we are overloaded with every day from the media.”


“Since April last year, I’ve had my hands full looking after Lily but despite all the rubbish – she is the perfect tonic to make you forget all of it. I’ve been lucky enough to form a social bubble with my family thanks to Boris’ new rules implemented in December regarding children under 1, so I finally don’t feel so alone like I have done during Lockdown 1 and 2. That really was difficult.”


“I am just trying to stay fit and healthy and remaining positive, although the reality of the impact of Coronavirus does hit sometimes. Breaking down the office into small teams, working one week in the office and one from home is really helpful in catching up with what is happening in the team and getting better organised.”


“I would usually be running but at the moment I can’t as I have an injury so there’s not much that can be done at the moment!”


“I’m going on plenty of dog walks with the family! Getting out the house for some fresh air defiantly helps. Especially when you live in a house with 2 brothers. 😊”


“I have managed to get back on track with my fitness. I find regularly doing some form of exercise really helps my mental wellbeing so it’s been important to keep going in a mentally changing time such as a lockdown.”


During the first lockdown, Scott was on a mission to run 5k. After completing the Couch to 5k, he has since taken part in several monthly challenges to run a certain number of 5k runs in a month. To support his emotional wellbeing, Scott completed all of these challenges and has the medals to provide it! We are all very proud of Scott and what he has achieved and his positive attitude towards the pandemic we are facing.

“As a family, we have decided to dedicate 1 hour per evening to family game time; either a card game, board game or joint computer game. I have continued my running and am achieving 4, 5K runs a week.”


What are the Rap Interiors Team looking forward to after the lockdown restrictions have eased?

“Being able to book my Christmas present and take a run on Velocity 2 at Zipworld in Wales – the worlds fastest Zipline!”


“It will be nice to see all of my colleagues again. But for me, it’s more about what I am not looking forward to, traffic!! 😃”


“Eating out seems a luxury at present and cannot wait to do so in warmer weather. Also, skiing!”


“At present, I look forward to going into the office on the split working from home and office routine. This makes me feel better being able to see my work colleagues face to face (social distanced of course) and gives me the sense that for 1 week I can operate to a “normal routine.”


“I’m looking forward to getting back to some sort of normality. At the moment there’s no real routine as the rules are constantly changing. It will be nice when the pubs reopen and everyone in the office can go for a drink together because we all deserve one!”


“There are a lot of things I’m looking forward too when some form of normal returns. The main things I’m looking forward to the most are seeing my family in person, coaching my son’s football team again seeing everyone at RAP in a social capacity, maybe in the Potting Shed’s garden.”


Here’s to a Post-COVID Workplace

It’s been a tough 10 months but as a team, Rap Interiors have got through it and we all cannot wait to get back in the office together.

Are you struggling with the pandemic and working from home? Then read this article here where we spoke with West Kent Mind in the first lockdown. 

We have supported several businesses ensuring their workplaces are covid-secure with protective screens and space planning.

We are helping businesses utilise this time, while their workplace is vacant, to create an interior design and carry out a refurbishment project for their employees to return to post-COVID.

Call 0333 600 1234 to speak with one of the team today or fill out the form below and we will call you back.