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7 Office Design Trends for 2018

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We saw plenty of exciting developments in the office design world in 2017, from customisable furniture to integrated technology. Following on from what was a groundbreaking year, we look set to see even more progressive and cutting edge office design trends in 2018.

Whether you’re considering a complete design overhaul or just want to make a few changes to boost productivity, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. Read on to discover our top 7 office design trends for 2018!

Activity Zones

In 2017, our office interior designers saw more companies moving away from conventional working practices in a bid to boost productivity. One of the burgeoning strategies is ‘activity based working’, which allows staff to choose how and where they want to work.

To facilitate ABW, staff aren’t assigned a desk or workstation, but provided with a variety of work ‘zones’. These zones are designed to allow employees to undertake specific tasks, whether it be individual or collaborative work, creative thinking or making a private phone call.

Rap’s office fit out of London sports software company Hudl, for example, required the implementation of a number of zones, including soundproof phone booths and quiet concentration areas.

With the benefits activity zones bring, including increased productivity and greater staff satisfaction, there is no doubt they will grow in popularity in 2018.

Industrial Elements

Industrial workspace design is continuing to grow in popularity due its raw, urban and edgy aesthetic qualities. Key elements of the industrial design include brick walls, hanging pendant lights, graffiti signage and exposed ceilings.

While not every company goes all-out industrial, some elements have found their way into more conventional workplace designs. Pendant lights, for example, have gone through a surge in popularity due to their versatility. Some companies even go for brick-effect wallpaper to add a little more aesthetic interest to their interiors.


Home Comforts

Introducing elements to make employees feel more at home is a great way to boost happiness levels in the office. This year, expect to see more emphasis on fun, with bean bag chairs, game rooms and mini drinks fridges (just to name a few ideas!).

These elements are perfect for a breakout area, as they will encourage employees to leave their desks and re-charge their batteries. According to research, productivity improves when staff take a break, meaning a win-win situation for your business and employees.

Breaking Down the Walls

When it comes to workplace communication, walls can be an inconvenience. For the simple reason that they put barriers between departments, more businesses are now tearing them down to adopt a communication-friendly open plan layout.

If you’re looking to maintain a departmental feel but share in the spoils of open communication, there is a compromise. For example, companies are now using screens, glass partitions, storage solutions and/or furniture as department dividers.

Dividers not only facilitate better communication, but prevent the office feeling claustrophobic by creating a more space and depth. They also allow more natural sunlight into the building, which said to have a number of benefits for staff. These benefits include greater alertness levels, lower blood pressure and better sleep at night.

soundproof office pods: one of the fastest growing office design trends of 2018

Meeting Pods

Rap’s recent trip to the 100% Design show in London highlighted that meeting pods are by no means a passing fad. There were a number of new, cutting edge designs which left a lasting impression on our designers, both in terms of their aesthetic qualities and practicality.

Among the most inventive designs was a pod with lockable wheels, integrated power sockets and removable walls. Another significant design was a glass meeting pod which could block out sound.

With companies going to great lengths to create a more collaborative working environment, we predict that meeting pods will be one of the most popular office design trends in 2018.

Need more inspiration? Find more office design trends by looking through our latest project case studies.  


While last year saw plenty of businesses embracing biophilia – where natural elements are brought into the office – this year they look to go a step further. Expect to see companies applying the idea of ‘green’ to more of their processes, from sourcing local food to introducing eco-friendly web hosting.

In terms of interior design, here are a few things that will help you to create an eco-friendly office:

  • Restored Furniture – Not only is restoring old furniture better for the environment, but can help to achieve and industrial / urban look.
  • LED Lighting – It is a long-known fact that LED lights consume less electricity, which helps to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Dual Flush Toilets – Introducing these toilets is a great way to save water and, in turn, lower the impact on the environment.

In addition to these, the biophilic looks set to be popular again in 2018. Consider teaming walls of green foliage and office plants with the above to really instill a green ethos!

pantone's colour of the year palette recommended for an office refurbishment

More Fab Colours from Pantone

Every year Pantone announces a set of colour trends to help companies establish their brand identity. This year, Pantone’s colour of the year is Ultra Violet due to the way it communicates “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking.”

If you like the look of UV, you can find eight complimentary colour palettes on their website to make it your own. If it’s not your cup of tea, however, you can still learn something from Pantone in the sense that they encourage you to think intelligently when choosing a colour scheme.

When choosing a colour, it’s important to think about how it reflects your company identity. One way to do this is to pick a scheme that matches your company brand colours. For example, Rap’s office fit out of London housing association Family Mosaic included their green a purple scheme throughout – from the chairs to the carpet.

Whatever colour you choose, think about combining it with a neutral shade like white. This will avoid overkill and create a bright, balanced aesthetic.

commercial interior design with apple mac computers integrated into the office desks

Wishing You a Successful 2018!

So there you have it: seven great office design trends to give you food for thought for your workplace transformation. By embracing new trends like these, you can do wonders for your business in terms of productivity, staff satisfaction levels and brand development.

For more inspirational design ideas that can help to move your company forward, don’t forget to check out our blogs and case studies.

Have our office design trends inspired you to make changes to your workplace?

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