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8 Cost Effective Ideas for Office Design on a Budget

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If you’re thinking of making changes to your space, then it’s a good idea to consider your budget before getting in touch with office interior designers. Equally, it’s good to have some idea as to what you want to achieve.

Of course, the bigger budget you have the more you can do with your workspace design. That said, if you’re on the lower end of the budget scale, you can still create an aesthetically pleasing and functional workspace if you spend wisely.

So, if you are working to a tight budget, we’ve compiled a list of economical design ideas for you to consider. Read on for our top 8 cost effective ideas for office design on a budget!

a white and grey coloured corporate office a white and grey coloured corporate office

Opt for an Open Plan Layout

In an open plan office, employees work within an exposed floor plan and often share workstations. The open layout also has few, if any, individual rooms, with some companies simply implementing one for a director.

Naturally, offices with several rooms and a reception are at the higher end of the budget scale. Therefore, going open plan is a cost-effective alternative – especially is you are a new business.

The great thing about an open plan office with shared workstations is that you can still accommodate a sizeable team. So, if you’re in a situation where you need to employ more staff, the open layout can facilitate this growth.

Introduce Makeshift Department Dividers

If you do opt for an open layout, then makeshift dividers are an economical way to maintain a departmental feel. A privacy screen will do the job, but you can get creative by using storage solutions and furniture.

If you’re willing to stretch your budget a little further, consider introducing glass partitions as dividers. In contrast to stud partition walls, they don’t block natural sunlight so you can enjoy the rays all year round.

a bright office with white walls and a glass partition a bright office with white walls and a glass partition

Buy Economical Desks, Chairs and Storage

All good interior fit out companies will tell you there is nothing wrong with budget office furniture and storage – they just don’t come with the handy extras. For example, some desks are now height adjustable, while some chairs are made with sophisticated ‘ergonomic’ technology for enhanced comfort.

If you’re looking for economical furniture which will perform a basic function, try the following:

  • Standard Desks – Cantilever or goal post frame desks are functional and inexpensive. If you like the idea of a height adjustable desk as well, consider introducing one as a ‘standing workstation’.
  • Task Chairs – Upholstered task chairs are both comfortable and cost effective. Alternatively, mesh back office chairs are also very economical and prevent sweaty backs in the summer!
  • Metal Storage – Unless you have a no-paper policy, filing cabinets, pedestals and additional storage solutions are a must in your office. Consider metal storage for an inexpensive option.

Not only are the desk and storage options practical, they come in a range of finishes including standard white, oak, beech and maple. It just goes to show that, even if you are looking for a new office design on a budget, there are plenty of options available.

Create a Minimalist Aesthetic

While a flashy design like the Google HQ may be out of your budget, your workplace doesn’t have to be all bells and whistles to be effective. A bright, minimalist aesthetic will still be adequate for most companies’ needs, and the good news there are plenty of inexpensive ways to prevent your workplace looking too clinical.

Consider the following:

  • A Simple, Bright Colour Scheme – White walls combined with company brand colours is always a winner. This combination will make your space look bright and spacious and create a sense of company identity.
  • Company Signage – If you are going for the above colour scheme, introducing company signage via a vinyl graphic will compliment it perfectly. You could even go a step further and add your company motto.
  • Artificial/Real Plant Displays – Needless to say, artificial plants are cost effective because they don’t wilt and die. That said, real plants are no great expense either – they just require a little extra TLC.

If you are looking for a functional office design on a budget, the ‘less is more’ aesthetic is probably your best bet. Not only can you create an inviting space for staff, the fact that you save money means you can invest in other areas of the business.

Introduce a Feature Wall

Feature walls offer an inexpensive way to add a little more personality to your office. Moreover, they provide another way to help instill your brand identity. For example, if you have an eco-friendly ethos, add a forest scene to your wall.

an office reception area with a curved desk and chandelier an office reception area with a curved desk and chandelier

Make Use of Existing Features

If you work in an old building, chances are it contains existing period features like decorative coving or a fireplace. While your initial thought may to be rip these out, you could save money simply by refurbishing them.

By mixing period features with a modern design, you can also add to the aesthetic interest to your space. Check out how Rap Interiors did exactly that by refurbishing Martin Tolhurst’s ageing office space in Gravesend, Kent.

an office breakout area with a kitchen unit and tea point an office breakout area with a kitchen unit and tea point

Install a Tea Point

If you don’t have the budget for an office café, tea points are a practical alternative. They are compact, stylish, and are good for staff happiness.

Experienced office interior designers will plan the build so seating is included too. This creates the perfect environment for ad-hoc meetings, staff lunches or quiet working.

the rap interiors commercial interior design team hard at work the rap interiors commercial interior design team hard at work

Get Advice From Office Interior Designers

Ultimately, the best solution is to get in touch with experts for advice. A good fit out company will have a team of designers and estimators who spend all day working to specified budgets, so if you’re looking to save cash they can give you plenty of guidance. Some contractors will even offer a free design consultation to help you gauge how far your budget will take you!

Thanks for Reading!

We hope that you’ve found plenty of inspiration to help your money go further. If your budget is relatively low, spend wisely now and one day you may be able to rival Google’s offices! For more great ideas to help you achieve a great office design on a budget, keep an eye on our latest case studies.

Are you thinking of making changes to your space?

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