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Once again, it’s time to unveil the latest trends from the world of office interior design. Based on the developments over the past twelve months, we’re delighted to inform you that 2024 promises to be another ground-breaking and exciting year.

With employee satisfaction becoming a key factor in design decisions, this year’s blog is full of eye-catching examples that will undoubtedly provide inspiration for your own office refurbishment. Moreover, the rise of AI has sparked discussions about how we will utilise office spaces in the future, potentially facilitating the advancement of an already prevalent trend.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top office design trends for 2024!

Instagrammable Interiors

To entice employees back to work in person, numerous companies are creating “Instagrammable” offices that make the work environment more enjoyable. This aesthetic provides opportunities for employees to fill their social media feeds, with trendy artwork, stylish furniture, and unconventional features on display.

For instance, sports video and data company Hudl has recently refreshed its already Instagrammable design to boost in-house numbers. Among the new features is a motivational wall print stating, “Make every moment count,” which is a fitting addition to a space that also features a football-themed graffiti mural, gaming area, and imitation grass walls.

These elements give the office a modern, almost youthful ambiance, which will undoubtedly help to attract the next generation of social-media savvy employees. Free publicity anyone?

Check out the Hudl office refurbishment here.

Hospitality-Inspired Design

Remember the Central Perk café in Friends? Well, imagine if that were your office, only bigger and with more amenities. For some employees, this is already the case, with more businesses taking ques from hospitality for their workplace designs.

Indeed, with offices becoming more employee-centric, the hospitality trend looks set to gain pace in 2024. This theme is characterised by hip or opulent décor, coffee-shop style work settings (e.g., lounges and banquettes), and wellbeing areas.

As discussed in our blog on improving the employee experience, the hospitality trend is becoming more commonplace in corporate circles. This suggests we may see more high-profile firms ditching conventional design schemes in favour of something more relaxed and visually arresting.

If you like the sound of this trend, check out Classic Collection’s stunning breakout space here.

Deep Focus Zones

In a thought-provoking article for Dezeen, office pod company Framery predicts how the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI) could lead to an increase in “focus spaces”. The reasoning is that, as AI handles more mundane and repetitive tasks, employees will require dedicated spaces for specialised work that demands deep concentration.

With the publication of Cal Newport’s ground-breaking book “Deep Work” and heightened awareness of neurodiversity, the trend towards focus zones was already gaining momentum. Now, as more companies adopt AI, it is conceivable that this trend will accelerate in 2024.

As alluded to by the mention of Framery, office pods positioned in areas with minimal foot traffic are crucial in establishing deep focus zones. Most of these pods are equipped with noise-regulating features, offering a tranquil sanctuary for those with looming deadlines.

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Settings for In-House Collaboration

According to a recent BBC article, some major companies are encouraging employees to spend more time in the office following the remote work experiment. Most notably, Zoom and Grindr have stated that they want employees to work in the office at least twice a week.

For Zoom’s part, Drew Smith, its head of government relations in the UK, said the company recognised that “the human side is still valuable” when it comes to office work. He went on to say, “from an innovation perspective, we were able to do more, and be more productive working in person.”

Will more follow suit? If so, we expect to see companies investing in collaborative office settings to inspire innovation. These may include auditoriums (aka bleacher seats), casual huddle areas for brainstorming, booths, or well-furnished boardrooms with digital booking systems.

Multifunctional Spaces

As an office refurbishment company, we see plenty of trends develop over the course of a year. In 2023, we found that many companies wanted multifunctional spaces to boost productivity and make the most of their investment.

One popular idea was to create a breakout area that doubles up as a casual workspace. By simply offering another work setting, employees are given more freedom and flexibility, which is ideal for those who struggle to sit at the same desk all day!

Multifunctionality can be extended to other areas as well. For instance, a conference room can be converted into a training facility, while lounges can be utilised as brainstorming hubs when equipped with portable whiteboards.

See more of Albion Fine Foods’ stunning project here.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

With companies becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, we’re seeing some incredible eco-friendly innovation from forward thinking designers and manufacturers. For example, Dezeen recently showcased a “zero-waste” office studio based in Melbourne, which includes corrugated fibreglass partitions and a reception desk made with rolls of denim.

From a product perspective, carpet manufacturer Modulyss continues to play its part in tackling the climate emergency. The company displays exceptional innovation by recycling and regenerating fishing nets into yarn for carpet tiles.

Clearly, the office design world is making significant strides in addressing the climate crisis. We eagerly anticipate the innovative and sustainable solutions 2024 will bring.

Check out our sustainable office fit out guide for more eco-friendly ideas.


After being subjected to so much change and uncertainty in recent times, it is likely that more companies will embrace adaptable office design setups in 2024. This entails designing a space that can seamlessly accommodate fluctuating employee numbers and changes in working practices.

To create an adaptable office space, it is advisable to devise a layout that minimises the need to demolish and redesign the interiors. An open-plan office with minimal fixed partitions is ideal, and strategically placed power and data outlets will facilitate future layout adjustments.

Additionally, easily portable or reconfigurable furniture can make it easier to change the space around. Folding tables with castors can be a great addition, while modular seating is easy to move and remodel when the time comes.

Thank You for Reading!

Based on our findings, it’s clear that employee-centric workspace design is the overarching trend for 2024. This is reflected in the wide range of trends that prioritise the employee experience, from Instagram-worthy interiors to spaces that offer a variety of work settings.

In addition to employee satisfaction, artificial intelligence and the climate crisis are also influencing the evolution of office design. These factors are also likely to play a significant role in the trends that emerge in the coming year.

With that, we would like to say thank you for reading our office design trends blog for 2024. We look forward to sharing more exciting developments with you in the coming year!

Make sure you keep an eye on our news section for more trends and ideas.

Written by Chris Sparham

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