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Office Dog

Joined Rap in 2017


Being an office dog is a very rewarding career, especially at Rap!
Unlike stay at home canines, I come in and make sure that the team are happy and well with their daily jobs. I’m very much a team dog and check on every department if they need a helping paw, especially the directors!

Relevant qualifications/experience

Office Design has always been in my blood! Before I worked here, I previously had a little modelling spot on a Facebook live video for Dulux – working with my brother and sisters to showcase their latest products, which included making a mess and licking the walls to show how stain resistant the product was.

What you bring to the team

I am in charge of play, fun and outdoor activities, giving the team a much needed break from their work.
I supervise their breakfasts and lunchtimes to make sure they aren’t bringing in anything that could make them unwell – especially sausages and bacon. They can be particularly nasty so I’m proud to say I take it for team!

Your favourite thing about working at Rap

I love to meet the clients. It’s nice that at Rap we work closely with clients, inviting them in to our offices to discuss their project and show them our latest amazing designs.

Favourite Rap project

Haringey Sixth Form College gets my paw of approval! I love the fact it has grass in it, bringing the outside in.
Also it's near a particular football team I am fond off.

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