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Every year Rap’s interior designers from London visit the 100% Design Show in Kensington to monitor the latest design trends. With so many eye catching showcases this year, we’ve created a list of the most exciting design developments so you can keep up to date too!

From furniture to foliage, read on for our top 10…

Floating Furniture

Every year we see some exceptional displays of creativity and ingenuity, and this year did not disappoint. This levitating chair, for example, was just one of a multitude of designs which caught the eye of our office interior designers, who loved the idea of working with their feet up!

Futuristic Office Pods

There was a huge range of office pods at the show, with one of the stand out designs being an egg shaped ‘escape pod’. As the name suggests, the egg pod offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of an office – ideal if your space is open plan.

Our London interior designers were also wowed by the idea of working in ‘outdoor’ pods, especially as they come with built-in Bluetooth speakers. It’s fair to say that we’ve seen the future, and the future is office pods!

Build Your Own’ Furniture

Made by designer Paul Kelley, the ‘build your own’ furniture allows people to build anything from tables and chairs to display stands and bookcases. As the story goes, the blocks were invented after a customer couldn’t decide whether they needed one table or three. Paul’s solution? Built it yourself!

Chill Out Tipis

As awareness of the impact of stress in the workplace has risen, so too has the demand for solutions which help to create a calm atmosphere. This was evident at 100% Design, with one of the most notable showcases being these chill out tipis. They’re ideal for companies looking to send a positive message to staff regarding their wellbeing, and this in turn will help to improve retention.

Are you looking to create a chilled out environment for you staff? If so, then check out our blog: ‘6 Ways to Improve Staff Mental Health Through Office Interior Design’.

Fake Foliage

We always see plenty of biophilia at 100% Design, and this year the stand out design was not even the real thing! Despite being artificial, these plant designs are included for their aesthetic value and practicality. Not only do they look real, they don’t require volunteers to water them either!

Imaginative Acoustics

While acoustic office solutions are nothing new, this year we found that the designs were highly decorative. We saw everything from nature inspired acoustics to designs with swirling patterns that look like modern works of art. Got a noisy office? Then consider introducing some of these!

Industrial Lighting

Industrial interior design is all the rage at present, and therefore it was no surprise to see a number of warehouse-style lighting designs. If you’re into industrial interiors, consider adding them alongside exposed brickwork and restored furniture for a truly urban look.

If you’re looking for inspiration for an industrial aesthetic, check out Hudl office fit out in London

High End, High Impact

It can’t be easy to create a piece of furniture that is sophisticated and novel at the same time, but one designer achieved that with aplomb. This chair, for example, is made with 14 overlapping bicolour pillows for a harmonious and visually arresting design. One for the office waiting area we think!

Pop Art Chairs

There was no shortage of fun furniture at 100% Design, and these vivacious swivel chairs were a particular highlight. If you only have the budget for one in your workplace, don’t be surprised to see staff squabbling over it!

Other Highlights

Need more inspiration for your office fit out in London? Here are a few more pics.

Bring on 100% Design 2019!

We hope that you took as much inspiration from these designs as our London Interior Designers. It’s safe to say that if next year’s show is anything like 2018 we’re in for a treat!

For more updates on the latest interior design trends, don’t forget to check out our news section.

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