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London is a thriving city that is host to many world-class businesses. It’s important to stand out among others as London is a hub of commerce. What businesses often neglect is their London interiors, which oddly enough is one of the most important factors when getting clients to buy into your company ideas.

In order to get the best from your London office you have to think about your office interiors. This doesn’t just impact on how a client sees you, but also influences how productive your workforce are.

So, if you feel it’s time to consult office fit out company, then reading our top 5 tips and tricks to transform your London space is a great place to start.

Influencing Your Company Ethos

Clients are well beyond the point of being sold to like a traditional customer. Now clients are more interested in finding out about what your business is like as a culture. This is why of late we’ve seen giants such as Google incorporate their own unique flair to their London interior design.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should follow in Google’s footsteps, as not every London office fit out is going to require a slide or a ping pong table. For example a client may not like the idea of a law firm going completely outside the box with mushroom stools and slides, because of the serious nature of the industry.

Everybody’s culture is different, it’s just a case of reflecting that individuality through your London interiors. A great way of doing this is by branding your space with company signage so your company logo becomes a symbol for your employees and clients. Another great way of expressing your culture is by letting your employees personalise their space with their own little interests. This gives each of your office desks a personality and a story behind each person, which is great for incorporating a family feel to your company.

A Welcoming Hub

Your reception area isn’t just a hub to greet clients, it’s also a place that can greet new talent and help retain your current workforce. It’s the first thing that people see when they enter your London office, so it has to set the right tone for your business.

The most critical part of creating the ideal London reception area is to make sure it feels welcoming as soon as someone walks through the door. Bringing in soft office furniture solutions such as sofas not only offer a place for clients and potential employees a place to sit while they’re waiting in the reception area, but it also gives the impression of a relaxing workplace environment.

It’s also important to space plan your reception effectively so that it feels more open, which will give off a more welcoming feeling when you enter.

Have a Break…

Employees need valuable time away from their screens so they can recover and re-energise from every day stresses. The answer? A funky office breakout area.

Your office breakout area is a critical asset on the road to productivity when done right and the best part is that it doesn’t necessarily need to take up a massive amount of space. If space is an issue then some simple canteen chairs and sofas will suffice for employees to break away from their desk, as long as there is enough space for your employees to relax.

However, if your office has some empty desks then it may be a good idea to open up a canteen style breakout area in place of the empty space, and this can be used for breaks and informal meetings. In order to make an attractive and innovative breakout area, it’s important to consider how many employees are in your space. The size of your canteen style breakout area should be proportional to how many employees are in your office.


In a recent blog on the latest office design trends, we mentioned the importance of customisation in your office interiors.

With height adjustable office desks and ergonomic office seating becoming the norm, it’s important for your London office fit out to keep with the times. Make sure your space offers a degree of customisation so employees can choose how to work with ease. Every employee works differently – especially with the gap between generations – so it’s important that all your colleagues feel welcome.

Having a customisable London office fit out doesn’t just end at your office desks and chairs, it can apply to the entire fit out. Include a mix of private and social working areas so employees can choose whether to focus on tasks or collaborate with one another. The possibilities for customisation here is pretty much endless, but ultimately it’s all about employees being able to tailor their work experience to how they see fit.


Colour is an important part of your London office fit out, as it can make or break the design of your office. However, with the right colour psychology in place you’re guaranteed to have a space that not only looks great but works great too.

In a previous blog we mentioned what colours are best for your space and what colours you should use to increase the productivity of your employees. However it’s not as simple as just combining a bunch of productive colours without your own personal flair or thought behind them.

While colour can be a great influence on how an employee works and acts, you still want your company brand and ethos to flow through. A splash of colour to influence certain ways of working is great, but don’t let your business values slip away because of it.

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