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In the first of our ‘Day in the Life’ blogs, we pick the brains of our brilliant interior designers Ciara Rogan. Learn about what life is like working as part of the creative team for an office fit out company, from the everyday challenges to the design techniques used.

How do you start your clients on their project journey?

First we will take a brief from the client, and then we’ll do a proposed plan. That gives the client an idea, and then they give us feedback. Sometimes they say they don’t like something, but this is good because it leads us in the right direction to create their dream interior fit out.

How do you bring the interior fit out project to life? What software/technology do you use?

We use AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) software for 2D designs. For the 3D visuals we also use Solid Works or Google SketchUp. CAD is the 2D bird’s eye view on the space, while Solid Works and Google SketchUp bring it to life.

What part of the job do you enjoy the most? Is it fun?

I love my job! I like space design because you’re free to do whatever you want – you’re in control. Unless there’s horrible columns in the middle of the room, then it ruins everything. I think that picking up the fabrics and the finishes is my favourite part. Doing the fluffy stuff!

What’s been your favourite interior fit out project?

I still really like one of my first school projects, which was the enchanted forest at Southmead Primary School. I did that on my first week of work experience using CAD. I came in and Scott (Senior Designer) said, “I’ve got a really good one to give you, you can work on this for your week.” He printed the 2D plan, and to start I just drew inside it – just what I thought.

I really liked that particular school design project because it was really fun and there was so much to it. That was one that I could really put my creative flair into. It’s great to get a interior design project like that to really get your teeth into it!

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How did you get a job in Interior Design?

I was at Mid-Kent College studying to become an interior designer, and I wanted to get more practical experience under my belt. I discovered the office fit out company Rap, contacted them, and then came in for a week’s work experience. Then Julie (Rap Design Director) said if I wanted to come in for more days I could, so I started coming in part-time while I was at college. I worked at Rap for four months, then when I finished college Julie offered me a job, so I just kind of proved myself.

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