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The day-to-day office space can become incredibly noisy with the hustle and bustle of everybody working. The problem with this is that everybody works differently, meaning that noise can be a big factor in hindering an employee’s productivity.

So what’s the solution to this problem? Acoustic solutions. They can help lower the levels of noise for employees who would much prefer to knuckle down into their work rather than engage in conversation for the majority of their time at the office. Good acoustics are essential to working in a productive and creativity filled environment and control sound in three different ways: diffusion, absorption & insulation.

What acoustic solutions would work best for your office interiors?

Acoustic Pods

Acoustic office pods are one of many solutions for noisy office interiors. These office pods are perfect – for not only those that prefer a quieter workspace – but also for those office meetings that are best kept discreet.

Acoustic office pods also come in a variety of styles and colour, which is perfect for a lot of areas in the office (even an office breakout area). What’s even better is that the door can be left wide open and will not allow noise from outside the office pod to enter. This means those inside can still get some fresh air and not feel like they’re in a closed space, all the while being able to work or have a meeting in peace.

Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic solutions suspended from the ceiling are great ways of reducing noise in your office interiors. Not only can these solutions help with reducing noise but they can also be aesthetically pleasing with an array of funky shapes and colours. If your current workplace has a high ceiling that causes too much echo then acoustic ceiling solutions are a must.

Canvas Acoustics

Canvas acoustic solutions can come in plain or they can have a funky print of sorts. Regardless they are easily mounted to a wall or a ceiling and provide amazing acoustics.What’s great about this solution is that it doesn’t look out of place in the office, especially with a large variety of canvas fabrics and designs to choose from.

Wooden Acoustics

Wooden acoustics are a great solution – not only because they look amazing in office interiors – but also because wood is a sustainable material. Although wood isn’t the best in sound insulation, it does absorb sound waves and therefore prevents echoing,making it great for big rooms with high ceilings. This makes them a great solution for noise in the office.

On top of that these wooden acoustic solutions are perfect for an environmentally friendly office, as wood is the only carbon neutral material. Using wooden materials for acoustic solutions can help reduce carbon emissions and increase oxygen levels,predominantly in older trees as they produce less oxygen and using them in construction paths the way for younger trees who produce more oxygen.

Acoustic Screens

Acoustic screens are not only great for reducing the usual office commotion but they’re great for dividing desks that are across from each other. This allows employees to have a more organised desk space and have their own privacy at the same time, meaning that those less focused on the social elements of the office can knuckle down and work effectively.

The great thing about acoustic screens is that they don’t have to be boring. With plenty of bespoke solutions out there you can have custom designs on the screens, which are perfect for if you’re going for a funky office fit out that reflects your company ethos through and through.  

Acoustic Furniture Solutions

Many people wouldn’t associate acoustic solutions with office furniture, but there is actually a variety of acoustic office furniture solutions available for the office space.

Seating acoustics such as acoustic office booths can greatly benefit those that prefer their private workspace or tend to steer clear of any workplace distractions (although that’s not the only purpose). The purpose for this acoustic seating solution is for the noise to bounce off the material on the outside of the seating, meaning that less noise gets to you. This also allows easy private group collaboration, especially if there are USB ports or power supplies integrated into it for mobile devices to become part of the meeting.

Desk dividers come with acoustic properties which means that colleagues on the other side of you are less likely to be a distraction with noise. Much like the acoustic office booths, this works as a multipurpose solution that allows you privacy AND reduces overall noise in the workplace.

How About Acoustics in Schools?

A noisy classroom can be very distracting for a child, and this can lead to them falling behind academically. Teachers may also suffer, as straining their voice to speak over the noise could give rise to throat problems. There are a number of contributing factors which can lead to unwanted noise in schools, including:

  • Neighbouring classrooms and hallways
  • Noises from outside, e.g. traffic, maintenance and activity on sports fields
  • Heating, ventilation and air con systems
  • Technical equipment such as computers and printers

The good news is that there are plenty of changes you can make to your school interiors to block unwanted noise. Sound reducing doors, acoustic panels and funky canvases are all excellent solutions which could make a huge difference to a child’s education. This in turn could improve your school’s overall performance, so it is certainly worth investing!

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