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Our Sustainability Mission For 2021

Here at Rap Interiors we are committed to promoting and executing long life projects. As sustainability and the environment has become such a huge part of everyone’s lives, we decided a while ago to donate to The Orangutan Project to plant more trees in the rainforest.

The Orangutan Project aims to help these highly endangered mammals and plant trees in their natural habitat to slow down the devastating effects of deforestation.

Why Did We Choose Orangutans?

These great apes share 97% of their DNA with humans. They are intelligent, calm, inquisitive and observant (much like our team!). So observant in fact, there have been multiple cases of orangutans watching how the zoo keepers unlock the door to their cages, and they have learned how to open them and escape!

However, fun facts aside, these incredible animals are critically endangered and extinction is highly likely in the next 10 years. Their habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate for pulp paper and palm oil. Since 2016, 28 million hectares of rainforest have been destroyed every year. That is the equivalent of one football field of rainforest every second of every day. Poachers hunt for infants to keep as pets and older orangutans for meat, which also is a significant threat for these amazing animals.

More Then Just Monkey Business

At Rap we aim to stay sustainable during fit outs, so we can do our bit for the environment. We offer eco-friendly school designs, which is a fantastic way to save money, reduce water and energy usage. Also, a perfect way to increase students environmental awareness. We use energy efficient lighting which reduces energy by 60-90%.

We suggest to decorate your space with plants, which is not only a popular trend at the moment, but studies show they improve air quality and concentration. We also offer low VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials that are significantly less harmful to your employees and students health.

Natural lighting is heavily encouraged as it can improve mental health and sleep quality. You may think this all sounds a bit confusing, but an eco-friendly space is very important. Studies have shown that making these improvements, increases productivity, improves health, saves money and gives the right impression as a business.

Like everyone around the world, the orangutans have been effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. People are fighting for their own survival which distracts them from the fight for the forest. Rap, and many other office workers have been effected also, as working from home for over a year begins to take its toll. Most people did not have access to a positive work environment with a lack of natural light.

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Looking To The Future

As the world begins to open back up, and the light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel, we can all do our bit to help the environment. Some easy tips and changes we can all make is to recycle, raise awareness of The Orangutan Project with family and friends, don’t use products containing palm oil, plant more trees and support businesses that are committed to tackling deforestation – like us!

Trees have no tongues and therefore we can be their voice. You can adopt an orangutan today for as little as £7 a month or plant a tree in the rainforest for only £10. Cupcake, Popi and Rocky will be extremely grateful for your help.

Thank You for Reading!

Amongst our day to day workings of creating amazing office fit outs, we support a number of charities and causes which are close to our hearts, both as a company and as individual team members.

If 2020 has shown us anything with the likes of Captain Sir Thomas Moor, that the smallest steps can make the biggest difference and we have worked on some amazing projects locally for the last 5 years, from a Elmer Poem Competition, Our Help the Homeless Christmas Mission and more recently our Care4Christmas Campaign. Our Commercial Director even has plans to trek Nepal for charity once COVID-19 has worn off.

We are proud to have made a difference to others already and look forward to continue this for 2021.