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How the World of Work is Changing

So where do we begin? How do we carry on? What is the right way of working for businesses? We all ask ourselves these questions daily so rest assured, you’re not alone.

It’s not a secret to say that business owners and directors have struggled this past year to provide a safe and stress free plan that supports their employees to work from home or stage their teams into the workplace on a rota basis.

Employees have also struggled as the normal 9-5 work routine has gone, for the moment. Staff are trying to get into “work mode” while working from home and forget to switch their minds, and PC’s, off at the end of the working day.

The world is desperately trying to get back to normality and to the old ways we are used to. Everyone is talking about a “new normal” but for many of us, we think about these words with fear.

Furthermore, we have all been impacted socially as well. The changes have affected everyone’s personal development, while we home school our children, try to work from home to earn a living and keep our sanity.

However, we should all be congratulating ourselves on how much we have overcome.

We have had to quickly adapt to new rules with the frequently changing government guidelines and get used to new business strategies, all while looking after our children at home too. It’s safe to say this has not been easy for anyone.

Is There More Change Yet to Come?

Hybrid working infographic while some employees work from home and others work in the office Hybrid working infographic while some employees work from home and others work in the office

A new way of working has presented itself: “The Hybrid Working Model.

Flexible working policies have been introduced in many businesses already so employees have the luxury of working from home for some days of the week and use the office as a collaborative working environment for the rest of the week.

Now employees will lug their PC to and from work and try to be prepared for any immediate changes from employers, it’s another technical stress for all.

It’s unfortunate that not everyone is a technical wizard but that’s where outsourced IT support has been a valuable asset to many businesses.

“We have been run off our feet organising people to work from home, then back in the office. Virus protection is everything to everyone right now and we are proud to have supported hundreds of clients, in this forever changing society. It’s also a paradise for hackers as clients could be caught off guard being so stressed.”

Jacqui Offen, owner of JJ Systems

The digital transformation in 2020 and the way we have adapted to work meetings now being held online has its pros and cons. While there is less time travelling to meetings, it also has a positive effect on the environment and climate change. However, the intensity of being online with so many faces and one meeting after another has caused “Zoom fatigue“.

How Much More Can We Take?

Office Space Planning for Social Distance Office Space Planning for Social Distance

The restrictions implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every part of our life. Nerves are frayed and we are all becoming tired and experiencing burn out from working in these uncertain times.

A report by CPID gives us an insight into how employees are feeling about flexible working. Split working patterns have meant staff are generally happier but have felt more under pressure while working from home.

Those working, have reported being very grateful as they have been kept busy, in comparison to over 2 million people who have been furloughed and haven’t worked in their office since March 2020.

As many companies have downsized, more work has been taken on by the remaining employees. Despite an increase in workload, reports have suggested that this has improved efficiencies and bought teams closer together, having a positive effect on business culture – a positive to take from this pandemic.

We spoke with West Kent Mind at the beginning of the pandemic who had reported a huge rise in calls for people suffering from mental ill-health.

They shared some really useful advice for both people and businesses to support their mental wellbeing during the lockdown.

Read our interview with Lorna from West Kent Mind here.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

A infographic to show a windy road with pinpoints on them as the lockdown recovery roadmap A infographic to show a windy road with pinpoints on them as the lockdown recovery roadmap

With the latest announcement from Boris Johnson, we have a roadmap to recovery. This is keeping us all hopeful and many businesses now report that working in London is under strong review.

Those who have to travel are reporting that they will enjoy part time travel to London offices and the balance while working from home. Many businesses outside London, and particularly in the counties, are reporting that they can’t wait to get back to their offices. So it’s an ever changing routine of work policies and something else many business owners now have to juggle.

Will some employees insist they can’t return until everyone is vaccinated? What if some employees refuse the vaccination?

The debates continue.

We Wish You All a Safe Return to Your “New Normal”

Bright green and blue acoustic sliding screens as part of the breakout area in office Bright green and blue acoustic sliding screens as part of the breakout area in office

If you are looking for guidance on how your office, or school, can accommodate flexible working policies, new safety procedures or a pro-wellbeing workspace interior, then our designers are here to help.

We have been working with businesses all across the UK throughout the pandemic to ensure they can reopen or reinvent their workplace safely, with their employee’s wellbeing at the forefront of their minds.

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