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Half terms and holidays are a great time for the educational sector, as it allows a set period of time where works can be carried out to your school interiors without causing disruption to any classes that are in session.

These works vary from simple painting and decorating works, external repairs to the building or in some cases a complete school refurbishment and fit out of a classroom.

From our recent experience in Birmingham, London and the South East we are seeing an increasing need for Staff rooms to be re-designed and revamped to create a more modern environment.

The staff room is the one breakout zone where teaching staff can truly relax. It is important that staff have an opportunity to refresh and have a break so they are fully prepared to teach to the best of their abilities.

However not every school is making the most out of the staff room, believing that it is the smallest and least important room in the building.

Updating Your Staff Room with Cutting Edge School Interior Design

So, how can we change this?

First step is to think of what the main function of your staff room is. We can think of 7 common uses including:

  • A place to work (office)
  • A place to eat, drink and talk to fellow staff (café)
  • A place to escape and have some privacy (refuge)
  • A place to store important documentation and books (library)
  • A place to store personal belongings in a safe and secure environment (storeroom)
  • A place to find out information and news (notice board)
  • A place to teach, when other rooms are full or in use (classroom)

From this you need to determine which ones apply to you and how effectively the staff room functions in each role.
9 times out of 10 you will find that most schools rely on their staff room being used for work rather than a place to socialise.

According to Study …

The next question to ask is out of these uses which are the most important and can you think of any improvements that are needed for your school interior design.

A study by Jane McGregor at the Open University showed that if the staff room isn’t at a reasonable standard and well equipped, teachers would find a more pleasant alternative, including their own classroom.

Clean kitchens and quiet workspaces with computers come top in teacher’s wish lists of what they are after within their staff room.

(Source: The Staffroom is the Most Underused Room in the School: a study exploring the influence of space and gender in teacher workplace cultures, by Jane McGregor. 

If Your Staffroom is Scruffy, Untidy and Cluttered, Then it’s Time for a Facelift!

Refurbishing your staff room often comes a long way down your budget priorities, but if you space is cramped and dirty it sends out a bad message to your staff. We personally recommend that staff rooms should be moved up the list of priorities; after all, why should only the students deserve vibrant, hospitable school interiors?

Rap interiors can create unique and quirky school interiors to enhance staffroom areas and encourage teachers to relax and prepare for their next lesson. From our experience, we understand the difference in redesign needed in each staff room and the individual requirements of every school.

Ranging from soft furnishings, kitchen areas, breakfast bars, PPA areas, storage solutions, meeting tables, decorations, heavy duty carpets and safety style flooring, we can help with a range of college or school staff room ideas that can help to create a relaxing, practical environment.

The above advice doesn’t just have to be for schools, the same can also be used for office break out areas and care home staff rooms. You need to make sure your staff have an environment where they can escape the hustle and bustle of the workplace!

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To find out more on what the requirements of your school is then read the latest “Area Guideline for Mainstream Schools Report” from the Government.