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It’s safe to say that the prolonged lockdown restrictions due to COVID is taking a toll on the wellbeing in the workplace. Businesses are encouraged, once again, to organise their staff to work from home. For those who can’t work from home, stay in the workplace where the business must ensure it is COVID-secure.

Wellbeing and mental health is a topic of conversation amongst all as well as business owners. Ensuring staff are safe and well is a top priority while their businesses are trying to survive too.

From so many businesses, we are hearing that morale is low, mental health is being negatively affected and wellbeing is being talked about more than ever before.

Businesses can’t do normal work social events like going to the pub after work on a Friday or lunch out with a client. It looks like we won’t even get a work’s Christmas do either this year.

Even at Rap, we know it hasn’t been easy for any of our team and we are making as much effort as we can to bring some fun back into the office.

Last week was National Baking Week and as an ode to the teams love for The Great British Bake Off we created: The Great Rap Bake Off.

Over the course of 5 working days, one employee every day brought in their home-baked goods for the rest of the team to devour and judge.

The person with the best score would be the proud Rap Bake Off winner.

The Great Rap Bake Off

Marketing Manager Franki made banana bread.

Designer Alice made brownies.

Customer Care Assistant Carolyne made lemon drizzle cake.

Health and Safety Office Michael made Victoria sponge.

The best was saved till last as Design Director Julie made carrot cake and was crowned the winner of The Great Rap Bake Off.

Not only did we all take the baking and the judging very seriously but it allowed conversation that wasn’t related to COVID or work. It was fun, put smiles on people’s faces and encouraged some friendly competition between the team.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Advice

We spoke to West Kent Mind at the beginning of the first lockdown for advice on how to cope with our mental health during these difficult times. We discussed:

  • self-care and the importance of routine
  • how to spend time with your families
  • why exercise will make a positive impact on your day
  • 6 principles of wellbeing
  • the importance of conversation to tackle loneliness
  • how businesses can take a stand in their culture and support

Click here to read their advice.

Do you have an office design that doesn’t promote wellbeing in the workplace?

We design workplaces around the wellbeing of employees every day. Our clients are requesting design features that benefit the wellbeing and mental health of their staff.

Whether it’s through increasing natural light, adding in plants or having more breakout areas, there are many different design ideas to ensure your employee’s happiness is taken care of.

If you’d like to enquire about your office design, call 0333 600 1234 to chat with one of the team or fill out the form below and they will call you back.