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COVID-19 has brought about major changes to the way businesses operate. With the rise of digital working and reduced staff numbers due to job cuts, some have even been forced to vacate their offices to consolidate their teams into smaller spaces.

If you’re in the midst of an office relocation, then you can be forgiven for feeling in over your head at this time. But there is something you can do to make life easier: get help.

By seeking support from move management professionals, you can facilitate a smooth transition and build a space suitable for future operations.

If you don’t know where to start in getting help with your relocation, then this is the blog for you. Below, we look at some of the most challenging stages of an office relocation and who you should contact for support.

Undertaking a Dilapidation

A london office put back to the state of condition for landlord with dilapidations A london office put back to the state of condition for landlord with dilapidations

Prior to your workplace relocation, you may need to do some work on the existing property before you go. This agreement is put in place at the beginning of the lease and is known as a dilapidation.

Read our Jargon of Dilapidations here.

The amount of restoration work required depends on the landlord’s preference. Many landlords request that the tenant must leave the space in the same state of repair as when the lease was approved. Others request that it is left in better condition.

If the dilapidations works are not carried out by the end of the lease, the landlord can claim damages. Therefore, hiring an experienced office fit out company to take care of this is the best policy.

An office fit out company can take care of everything from ceiling work to furniture removal to peeling off branded glass manifestation. This will ensure you don’t breach your lease agreement and get your move off to a good start.

Assessing a New Space

When looking for a new space, it’s important to conduct an assessment to make sure it fits your needs — and budget!

Once again, a good office fit out company will be able to assist with your search by assessing a space in accordance with your needs. With expertise on space planning and design costs, the fit out company can give you intelligent, well informed guidance.

The assessment typically includes, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Location – Determining the best location is crucial in making the right move. You need to consider a location’s proximity to your employees, whether it’s near transport links, and if it is an area that complements what you do (e.g., Clerkenwell is popular with creative companies looking for a London office).
  • Size – If you’re downsizing due to the pandemic, then this will of course impact your decision as to where to move. Your working practices will play a part here too. If you’re looking to embrace flexible working, then you will need to evaluate how much of your new space is likely to be used in the future.
  • Cost – There will be a number of budget factors involved in finding a space, including rent and fit out costs. The cost of a fit out depends on how much work needs to be done to ensure the space meets your unique requirements. For example, it may need new utilities and a re-configuration to compliment the way you work.

Space Planning

3D workspace interior design with multiple office furniture solutions 3D workspace interior design with multiple office furniture solutions

If an office fit out is required for your new space, the next step is to develop a design. For this, you will need to contact an office design company that can draw up plans before the refurbishment works take place.

The design company will create a detailed space plan so you can see what your office will look like. This is typically a birds-eye-view style 2D design, and some companies also offer 3D visuals for a lifelike representation.

If your team size and working practices have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, then the designers will take this into account. For example, you may need a soundproof boardroom suitable for digital meetings or different furniture requirements. Whatever the case, all will be considered to accommodate the changes.

Spotting Subletting Opportunities

Office design and fit out project for Arch Insurance in Manchester Office design and fit out project for Arch Insurance in Manchester

We mentioned earlier how size is an important factor in determining where to move. If you find a perfect location but it’s a little too big for your current team, then there is a solution: sub-letting.

This is where a tenant finds another business to occupy a part of the office with them. Before the tenant does, however, they have to make sure the lease doesn’t prohibit subletting.

If subletting is permitted, the office design company can configure the space to accommodate the sub-tenant. This can be a great compromise if your team size has been affected by the pandemic.

Sourcing and Removing Office Furniture

A Scandinavian inspired office interior design with wood design features A Scandinavian inspired office interior design with wood design features

If your working practices and team size have changed due to COVID-19, then it’s a good idea to run an audit on your current office furniture.

You may want to introduce new furniture to facilitate the changes and get rid of some that are now redundant.

An office fit out company can audit the furniture and analyse what is needed for the new space, whether it be desks or pods or new task chairs.

They will also be able to install the new furniture and safely remove any that is not needed.

Rap interiors can help you with your office relocation. We can pack up, provide personal crates and move you to your “new you“. We would love to hear from you.

Moving in Safely

Yellow DHL van for London office relocation services Yellow DHL van for London office relocation services

While it may be tempting to save on office removal costs by managing the project on your own, don’t underestimate the extensive work involved. Instead, it’s much safer to go through a trustworthy move management company, like Rap Interiors.

 A move management company will take care of the heavy lifting and ensure all the items are moved safely and securely. This is particularly important with IT equipment in order to prevent the loss of sensitive and crucial data.

Furthermore, a good move management company will ensure the move is COVID-19 safe, with PPE and social distancing taken into account.

Moving in on Time

Moxing boxes in London storage for relocating offices Moxing boxes in London storage for relocating offices

Time is money, as they say, and the last thing you want to do is lose precious hours due to an ill-planned office move. To avoid this eventuality, consult an office fit out company that will assign a relocation project manager.

The project manager will coordinate the fit out and move by working to a strict relocation programme and overseeing a full-proof logistics strategy. This will ensure an efficient, fast-track relocation that meets the deadline for the move.

Furthermore, the project manager will even take into account the area you’re moving to in terms of loading bays and times. This will ensure you don’t upset the neighbours on moving in day!

Office Relocation Services from Rap Interiors

A shared office space with flexible furniture A shared office space with flexible furniture

If you’re on the move, we appreciate it can feel like an impossible job without the right support. But with a little help from the experts, you can rest assured that your project will get over the line safely.

Remember, by trying to do too much yourself, you may end up making mistakes that could prove costly in the future. Therefore, the safest bet is to speak to those who know the process best!

Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, Rap Interiors offers a range of office relocation services to help with your move.

From fit out to design to move management, Rap can manage your relocation from start to finish to make your move as easy as possible.

To start your journey with Rap Interiors, call 0333 600 1234 or email