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Whether you’ve moved into a pre-designed work space or you built your ideal office from the ground up, it can be difficult to identify the right moment for an office design overhaul. From unproductive employees to a drab aesthetic, there are plenty of legitimate reasons your office might be in need of a revamp. In today’s article, we’ll be taking you through a handful of these, so you can figure out if it’s time to redo your office decor.

So, is it time for you to get in touch with office designers?

You’ve changed your brand image

From small start-ups to corporate giants, if your brand has evolved but your office interior design remains stale, it might be time to welcome a fresh aesthetic that reflects your new image. An office is the epicentre of all business activity, so it’s vital that employees are working in a place that characterises the company’s brand.

When investors, clients, suppliers or job candidates see the space, they should automatically associate it with your brand and its values. Whether it’s a brand-matching colour palette or a refurbished breakout room, make sure your aesthetic matches your ethos to communicate your corporate mission to employees and visitors alike.

You’ve noticed a decline in team productivity

A comfortable, functional office is key to workforce efficiency, so, if you’ve seen a decline in productivity, it could well be that your office space is outdated and no longer fit for purpose. If this is you, then an email to a selection of interior fit out companies is in order.

Whether you’re introducing better ventilation or colourful floor tiles to brighten up the space, by honing in on design, you can see dramatic changes in productivity. Passive changes – like optimising natural light or introducing greenery – can make substantial headway in improving productivity, while larger renovations like new social space construction or a refitted reception area can also benefit both the staff and the business. While open-plan is now the norm in most offices, a lack of privacy or focused task spaces can breed unproductive employees – so consider whether your team would benefit from additional quiet areas in the workplace.

Your culture has evolved

As the home of business culture, your office should be an extension of your work ideology. If your organisation’s culture focus has moved away from individuals to teamwork, finding interior fit out companies who can implement an open-plan office format is a good shout. Together with brand image, the aesthetic should mirror not only your business goals, but the culture you’re looking to create.

Office design should create a balance between a business’s values and practicality. For crucial deadlines that require focus, your staff might benefit from a personal, private space – and when break time comes, an open and relaxed break area could be just what they need to recharge away from the screen.

Your team has grown

In small businesses, it can be obvious that the space that was once suitable has become a little too cosy. If the desks have become cramped but there’s unused open space, it might be time for an office fit out to make more effective use of the available floor area. If staff are touching shoulders, then you either need a new office space or a more efficient layout. Often, a few simple adjustments can provide the space you’re in need of.

Recruitment can be tough for businesses, and retaining the best staff means building an environment in which productivity can flourish. If workers find themselves in a cramped, impractical and uninspiring workspace, it’s not unlikely that they’ll start searching for employment elsewhere. Though an office design overhaul can seem overwhelming on the surface, the benefits can be immeasurable. From impressed clients to a happier workforce, even small adjustments to your workspace can mean big things for your business.

Many thanks to Suhayl Laher of Tiles Direct for the contribution. If you’re considering updating your office space, get in touch today to arrange a consultation with our dedicated office designers. Contact us on 0333 600 1234 or email