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We’re over six months into the year and we’ve already seen some exciting developments in the workspace interior design world. Indeed, with so much going on we’ve created an updated report to fill you in on the latest interior trends.

To create this report, we’ve collated a list of the most interesting and innovative trends from Clerkenwell Design Week, the Surface Design Show and anything else that has caught our eye. From furniture to finishes, read on for our top 10 …

Collaborative Spaces

At Clerkenwell Design Week, we saw many exhibitors embracing collaboration-friendly spaces. To give you some context, Clerkenwell is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Therefore, it was no surprise to see these exhibitors configuring their spaces to promote collaboration – a key ingredient in fostering creative ideas.

During the show, we saw pods with integrated power, wooden workstations, booths with acoustic properties and elegant lounge areas. All of these help to encourage ad-hoc meetings and sit-down sessions where ideas are shared.

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Suspended Ceiling Displays

Suspended ceiling displays were everywhere at Clerkenwell, with many designs leaving a lasting impression on our workspace interior design team. Among the best designs were stylish slatted panels, vibrant floral displays and geometric acoustics.

From a design point of view, these displays offer a great way to add aesthetic interest to otherwise unspectacular ceilings. Additionally, the designs with noise-reducing properties and integrated lighting give further advantages that contribute to a healthy, productive working environment.

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Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns featured heavily at both Clerkenwell and the Surface Design Show this year. Among the geometric features we saw were floor tiles, wall coverings, lighting, upholstery and acoustics, highlighting that the trend is showing no signs of dipping in popularity.

The great thing about the geometric design is its versatility. Indeed, it’s Picasso-esque look will undoubtedly appeal to creative companies with avant-garde sensibilities. But its simple, angular look also fits in perfectly with any workplace that has a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

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Biophilia (aka “Bringing the Outside in”)

Biophilia is another trend which is continuing to blossom (excuse the pun). This year, we’ve already seen a plethora of biophilic features on our travels, including moss feature walls, striking hanging plant displays, storage units with integrated plant pots, astro turf floors and walls, and striking foliage arrangements.

One design that caught our attention in particular was Organoids’ “natural decorative surfaces,” which appeared at the Surface Design Show. Made by mixing raw materials with a binding agent, the surfaces could make it on this report for innovation alone. But it was the thick coats of material, decorated with petals and with a natural scent reminiscent of an alpine woodland, which enticed our designers to the exhibition stand.

Innovative Acoustics

With many companies still opting for an open-plan workplace layout, where noise pollution is invariably a problem, it is no surprise to see a high demand for acoustic elements. As such, this demand has resulted in designers coming up with creative ways to enhance the look of their acoustics.

In fact, one might argue we are currently going through an acoustic renaissance. We’ve seen acoustic wall panels with swirling ocean effects, geometric patterns and Lego-style moulds; hanging ceiling displays with biophilic themes, meeting pods with noise-reducing properties and screens that double up as department dividers.

These great thing about these elements is the way they tick the boxes for both style and practicality. Not only do they help to reduce noise pollution, they also improve the visual impact of workspace interiors.

Pro-Wellbeing Workspace Interior Design

It has been shown that there is an intrinsic link between wellbeing and the built environment where we work and live. Consequently, we have seen a big focus on workspace interior design that improves both physical and mental health. Here are some of the elements we have come across in the last six months:

  • Ergonomic Furniture – We saw a number of office furniture designs that are conducive to good physical health at Clerkenwell. These included stools that help you to engage your core and height adjustable desks.
  • Creative Spaces – Not only does creating zones specifically for “creative thinking” have a positive impact on your business, it can have a positive on employee wellbeing as well. To echo our previous point, this can be achieved through introducing spaces that facilitate collaboration and ad-hoc meetings.
  • Recharge RoomsRecharge rooms function as a space for mental and physical rejuvenation. Prime examples include areas for meditation, yoga, power naps and electronic-free zones.

Take a look at the recharge rooms we fitted out for a London software company.

Feature Walls

We have seen a number of companies and designers get creative with “feature wall” displays in 2019. At both Clerkenwell Design Week and the Surface Design Show, Innerspace Cheshire impressed us with their eye-catching moss walls. The walls are often combined with other materials like concrete, charred timber and wood wool to make striking displays that add aesthetic interest to workspace interior design schemes.

As a cheaper alternative to moss walls, we have seen companies introduce vinyl wall graphics, framed testimonials and, as mentioned before, edgy acoustics. This highlights the options available out there to decorate your workspace’s walls and create an environment that employees will love.

Modern Industrial Workspace Interior Design

The modern industrial trend shows no sign of letting up and has found its way into some of our own workspace interior design projects. Crittall glass, for example, dates back to the 19th century, and is characterised by industrial-style black steel frames. We recently fitted a Crittall glass meeting room within a modern office in Kent, highlighting how combining old and new design ideas can make for an interesting, congruent office interior design.

Our travels to Clerkenwell and the Surface Design Show also gave us ideas in the way of upcycled furniture and factory-style pendant lights. If you want to take the industrial look a step further, consider exposed ceilings, brick-effect walls and raw finishes.

Home Comforts

We have seen more companies embracing “home comforts” in their workspace interior design schemes due to the rise of “flexible working”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with flexible working, it allows employees to work in a way that suits them. For example, they have flexible start and finishing times or can work from home.

As some  employees work late into the evening and even at weekends, many companies are taking steps to make their workspace interiors more “homely”. At Clerkenwell Design Week, we saw a number of exhibitors showing off their residential offices, with features such as coffee tables, beer fridges and bars, leather sofas and stunning rugs to compliment. These provide the perfect environment for flexi-workers to sit back, open their laptops and work until the task in complete.


Sustainable workspace interior design was another recurring theme at the design shows. One feature that caught our attention at the Surface Design Show was the recycled surfaces made by Enis Akiev. After researching the rock forming process, Enis developed a method to turn post-consumer plastic in a hard-wearing structure with a unique, swirling aesthetic.

Frovi also promoted recycled materials during their Clerkenwell exhibition, with one highlight being a shelf made from re-used industrial material. Frovi is in fact a big advocate of sustainability and is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint through recycling and minimising their waste to landfill.

Thank You for Reading Our 2019 Workspace Interior Design Trend Report

It’s fair to say that 2019 has delivered a multitude of interesting and progressive trends so far. With more designs shows to visit, including the famous 100% Design, expect to see more developments in the workspace interior design world in the coming months.

For additional inspiration for your office refurbishment, don’t forget to check out our projects page here.

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