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Being Proactive, Collaborating and Supporting the NHS in the Fight Against COVID-19

Rap Interiors are a family run business that instils a family culture within the team and into the service, we provide our clients, suppliers and community. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on a global scale and we did not want to sit around and watch this pass by without helping in some way.

We have adapted our services to support other businesses to cope with the changes and demands that would affect their workplace which has led us to become a supplier of Emergency ITU Bed Bay Systems for the NHS.

Our Response to COVID-19

Working collaboratively with Concept Cubicle Systems, a supplier of ours, we designed and provided a quick solution for bed bay cubicles that could easily be maintained with a wipeable surface and have integrated power.

The Importance of Speed

Using Compact Grade Laminate (CGL), we knew this material met the requirements of the need for hygienic areas that would be easy to keep clean as well as matching the demands of the pandemic infectious disease criteria.

It also gave flexibility as the bay can be reused with a lifetime of 15+ years as well a much quicker lead time of 7 days allowing us to act quickly on-site to install the bed bays efficiently.

How Did We Do It?

Working collaboratively with our supplier Concept Cubicle Systems, at a social distance via Zoom meetings, our solution was well received by the Emergency teams at NHS. John Beaumont, Director at Concept Cubicle Systems, produced a plan to determine the sizes for the bed bays while maintaining the 2m social distance guideline between each bed.The client, being delighted with our proposals, awarded Rap Interiors the project to install 44 bespoke ITU bed bay systems for two NHS community hospitals in the South East.

Adapting to Challenging Situations

Overcoming challenges on site and amending the design required some cubicles to have higher posts to the front of the bays to accommodate the clients existing curtain tracks – another bespoke element to the design.

A Quick Turnaround

Commencing on-site within 5 days of being awarded the project, 20 workmen were inducted on-site and worked around the many deliveries the hospitals were receiving for important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Logistically it was difficult but with the support and patience from the team, the project was finished on time.

The installation commenced on a Wednesday morning and was completed by Sunday afternoon. In 5 days we transformed 2 hospital wards into a response unit for patients with COVID-19.

The Result

The unity that can be created in a time of uncertainty is something to be celebrated and we are proud to say we delivered this project. Our work with Concept Cubicle Systems, combined with our in-house and on-site team’s cooperation meant that we could make a difference to something bigger than our usual projects.

Our Other Services

Adapting our services since lockdown commenced meant that we could still provide our clients with a solution that might not be design and fit-out just yet. All businesses’ priorities are to survive this pandemic so that their business and their employees to be as healthy as possible.

We have put together 10 actions that a business can implement to ensure their workplace is as safe as possible when it opens again.

Here are our Top 3:

  1. We supply a variety of protective screens for offices and other workplaces with a quick lead time. They are all easy to install and clean. Click here to take a look at the variety of screens we have available. 
  2. If your office is usually buzzing with your staff working 9-5, you will have to rethink your office layout to ensure social distancing guidelines are adhered to and your employees are well-protected while at work. We can help you with a new space-plan for your office quickly and efficiently, in time for you getting back to work safely. For more information click here. 
  3.  If, because of lockdown, your team are working from home, you might need to have a look at your IT system to ensure it’s running as smooth as possible. We spoke with our IT provider for their advice and how to make sure you are IT ready, watch the interview here.