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With the effects of global warming becoming ever more apparent, our impact on the environment and, in turn, the planet, is more of a focus than ever. From recycling to opting for different modes of transport, for many of us, an eco-friendly approach has become an integral part of our daily lives – and with the majority of us spending a large portion of our waking lives at work, there’s every reason to ensure that our office design goes green too.

Whether it’s reducing the amount of unnecessary waste we produce or incorporating natural features into the design of an office, there are no shortage of small but impactful ways that we can create a workplace that has a less damaging effect on the environment. In today’s post, we’re taking a look at a handful of research-backed ways that prove the benefits of making the move to an eco-conscious model – so you can ensure you’re fully clued up when it comes to your office fit out.

Increase Productivity

Considering the fast-pace of the business world, productivity is essential in the workplace – which is why employers should be doing everything that they can to ensure staff have the tools they need to deliver on goals. While many modern day offices will offer adaptable workplaces to ensure that staff have the option of choosing an effective space that works for them, consulting an interior fit out company to introduce an eco-friendly design could boost your team’s performance.

Studies show that exposure to natural light during the working day is likely to improve office workers’ sleep quality – meaning that your team will be happier, healthier and more productive in the workplace. Similarly, research suggests that by adding one plant per square metre in an office, the memory retention of employees could be substantially improved – meaning that your team will be able to achieve more.

Improve Employee Health

With UK businesses estimated to have lost 137.3 million working days due to sickness or injury last year, it’s paramount that employers are focusing their attention on the health and wellbeing of their staff. While many illnesses may be unavoidable, making a dedicated effort to ensure that staff are as healthy as possible could mean that companies can significantly reduce the amount of average sick days taken each year – and with plants proven to reduce stress and improve air quality, a green office interior design comes highly recommended.Thought to alleviate the symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), adorning the space with indoor plants will be a relatively low-cost investment, but by potentially improving the overall health of employees, you’ll soon reap the benefits of this eco-friendly addition to the office.

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Give The Right Impression

As with any space, the design of an interior will always speak volumes about your personality – and that means that when it comes to your office remodel, it’s important that the aesthetic reflects your brand identity and values. With our carbon footprint becoming a widespread concern across the globe, some of the most popular brands are focusing their attention on creating eco-friendly products and sustainable services. This means that it’s paramount that they’re conveying exactly that to employees and any potential clients by taking an environmentally-friendly approach to the office interior design. And with research showing that millennials are more likely to prioritise sustainability over convenience, communicating that your business cares for the environment by going green in its workspaces means consumers and investors alike could end up choosing your brand over an unsustainable competitor.

Save Money

From switching to solar power to offering incentives for staff who limit their wastage of paper, altering the way that your office runs can have a dramatic effect on not only the environment, but on your company’s outgoings too. While eco-friendly office fit out solutions, such as added insulation and underfloor heating for your wooden flooring can sometimes require a hefty initial investment, the significant reduction of power that’s required in the office over a longer period of time could mean that you make savings where it matters. Similarly, on the smaller scale, asking staff to only print documents when necessary will mean that you’ll significantly reduce the amount of waste that the office produces – so you can lower expenditure while making less of an impact on the environment.

Utilise Technology

While regularly forking out on state-of-the-art technology could seem detrimental for your overheads, it’s important to remember that older machines can often use significantly more power than the latest models. And while updating your office gadgets may not be your number one priority, these power-guzzling devices are likely to soon be approaching the end of their lifetime – meaning it could be well-worth seizing the moment and upgrading your computers to power-saving alternatives. Newer machines are likely to be faster and less temperamental too – meaning that your staff won’t need to waste time on fixing technical issues throughout the working day.

So, there you have it. An eco-friendly office won’t just reduce your carbon footprint, but it could save you and your team time and money too. By making a dedicated effort to increase environmental awareness in the workplace, you could make your brand stand out for its sustainability in the minds of consumers and investors.

Many thanks to our guest blogger Jim Laird, Chief Executive of Flooring Republic, factory outlet showrooms for solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

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