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In order to create an inspirational environment for students and teachers, it’s important that your school interiors are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Such is the importance of good school interior design that it can have a major impact on your school’s performance and reputation, meaning it should be a priority.

So, where do you start in creating an inspirational environment? In order to give you some ideas, we’ve pulled together a list of the latest school interior design trends for 2018. Read on for five of the best…

The Tech Classroom

Keeping up with the latest technology in schools is a great way to enhance a child’s learning experience. After all, kids are digital natives nowadays and can probably show Mum and Dad a thing or two when it comes to working a computer!

For example, some schools equip every teacher and student with an iPad – a scheme that has proved very successful. Among the benefits: improved communication; the ability to research using the internet; and access to apps that make revision enjoyable.

If you feel iPads are the way forward, then consider introducing desks with integrated plug and USB sockets. This will allow students to plug in and go without relying on charging the device the night before. To finish, we recommend adding iPad ports around the classroom to store the devices safely and securely.

Practical Learning Facilities

As students progress toward higher education, they start to think more about their future occupation. Naturally, this will inform their decision when choosing subjects for GCSEs, A-levels and beyond.

With the future in mind, schools and colleges are introducing facilities that help students prepare for life in the workplace. For example, we have seen hair and beauty salonscollege cafes for catering students, construction blocks and ICT suites.

By inspiring students with practical facilities, this helps to shape their future goals. Whether they choose to be a beautician or construction project manager, practical facilities will ensure they have confidence going forward.

Eco-friendly Design

Promoting an eco-friendly attitude in schools is a great way to drive change and improve students’ environmental awareness. To go all-out green, consider making changes to your school space design as well by introducing the following:

  • Energy efficient lighting – Power down LED lights turn off when people aren’t in the room, ensuring you don’t use energy unnecessarily. Your electricity bill will benefit too!
  • Plant Decorations – Not only do plants help to instil a green aesthetic, but significantly increase concentration levels and air quality.
  • Low VOC – VOC stands for ‘volatile organic compounds’, which are harmful to students’ health. VOC can be found in paint, household products, furniture carpets and more, so make sure you choose an item that has low or zero VOC content.

Additionally, you could embrace the ‘iPad Revolution’ to reduce paper wastage and, in turn, your carbon footprint. You may wish to start by embracing a paperless library or office.

A Morale Boosting Staffroom

If morale is low amongst teachers, then this inevitably has a negative effect on students as well. One solution to keeping morale high is to introduce a staff room, as this will help teachers to relax, re-energise and socialise with colleagues in between lessons.

For a truly morale boosting staffrooms, we recommend the following:

  • Tea point – Everyone loves a cuppa during breaks, so providing a tea point with a water boiler will boost morale and encourage teachers to stay hydrated.
  • A calming colour scheme – You should always think intelligently when choosing a classroom colour scheme, and the same goes for staffrooms. A cool, relaxing blue, for example, will help to lower heart rate. Similarly, green will help to encourage a clam and creative mind-set.
  • Home comforts – Comfort is key to creating a hospitable staffroom, so soft furniture such as sofas, foot stalls and bean bag chairs are ideal.

As in any walk of life, if you’re happy in your profession then you will thrive. By giving teachers a place to re-group, then this will boost their happiness and, in turn, benefit your school’s performance.

Establishing Your Identity

Does your school have a specialist subject? If so, then your interiors will need to reflect this.

There are a number of ways to establish your identity through school interior design, such as ensuring the facilities are up to date; adapting the classroom to suit the subject at hand; and launching a school logo and motto that sum up who you are.

It’s also a good idea to refurbish the school’s exteriors to make a good impression on new students and teachers. After all, first impression say everything about your identity, so lick of paint and some new signage can really help to give the school an aesthetic boost.

Good luck with your school refurbishment!

We hope this list has given you plenty of inspiration for your school revamp. Our last big tip is to keep your interiors up to date, as this will give your school a distinct advantage in keeping those grades high.

Are you thinking of changing your school space design?

If this blog has inspired you to make changes to your space, then Rap Interiors can help. The Rap team has been transforming schools since 1988 with dynamic and practical designs, ensuring students have the facilities they need to enjoy a great education. 

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