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Following on from an impressive 2018, we are set to see plenty more progressive office design trends in 2019. From a “sociable and spirited” colour by Pantone to guilt-free, eco-friendly flooring, this year’s eclectic haul will undoubtedly inspire some new ideas for your office refurbishment.

If you’re thinking of revamping your space, then make sure you check out our office design ideas for 2019 first. By the end of the article, you could be visualising something completely different!

Read on for Our Top 7 Office Design Trends for 2019

Pro Wellbeing Office Design

An employee’s mental and physical condition can have a huge impact on his or her performance. With this in mind, business owners should take steps to promote good health and wellbeing in the workplace. One way to do this is through office design, with the following features set to be popular in 2019:

  • Recharge rooms – Recharge rooms function as a space for mental and physical rejuvenation. Prime examples include areas for meditation, yoga, power naps and electronic-free zones.
  • Gaming areas – Not only do gaming areas instil a sense of fun, they encourage employees to exercise. Consider introducing a ping pong table, snooker table or an arcade machine.
  • Biophilia – Studies have proved that introducing natural elements to your office has a positive impact on mental health. Biophilia can include walls of foliage, plants and exposure to natural light.
  • Height adjustable desks – Sitting too much is bad for your health, so having the option to stand while working is the natural solution. Among the health benefits: reduced back pain, a lowered risk of heart disease and improved energy levels.

Introducing features like these will reduce sick days, boost productivity and create an overall healthy workplace. In short, everybody wins with a wellbeing friendly design, which is why it makes our office design tren

Collaborative Co-working

Finding an affordable workspace once posed a difficult challenge for freelancers, start-ups and small teams. These days, however, they can access shared office space without being tied into expensive, long-term contracts. This is known as co-working, and is particularly attractive to those in the creative industry due to the fact they can work to flexible hours and collaborate with like-minded people.

To create a bustling, collaborative co-working hub, consider implementing whiteboards for brainstorming, meeting pods and shared desks with integrated power. Elements like these will ensure your space is conducive to business growth, which will help to attract a consistent flow of visitors.

Feature Walls

Feature walls can instil your brand identity, add aesthetic interest to your interiors and provide a chance to impress visitors. They needn’t be expensive either; take these for example:

  • Framed Testimonials – Showing off your testimonials will establish trust between you and visitors. Visitors may include potential new clients or talented future employees, so you could see a big return on a small investment.
  • Story Wall – Introducing a wall which chronicles your company’s journey sends a message that hard work pays off. It will also make for an interesting talking point.
  • Vinyl Graphic – Vinyl wall graphics are a great way to instil your brand identity. For example, if your company has an eco-friendly ethos, then a woodland graphic would be a fitting addition.

Given that feature walls offer an inexpensive way to drive brand development, it was an easy decision to include them on our office design ideas 2019 list. If you’re looking to advance your brand, then now is a good time to start brainstorming ideas for your wall.

Modern Industrial Office Interior Design

Nobody wants to work in a Dickensian factory, but by introducing industrial style elements to a modern office you can create an interesting, balanced aesthetic. This year, look out for the following:

  • Upcycled Furniture – For an interesting talking point, introduce bespoke furniture made out of reclaimed material. With upcycling growing in popularity too, you’ll find plenty of choice out there.
  • Crittall Windows – Essentially glass with black steel frames, Crittall windows date back to the 19th century. Consider using Crittall for a meeting room partition as opposed to a stud wall or glass with manifestation.
  • Factory Pendant Lights – Factory style pendants with dome shades are particularly versatile and work in workspaces and breakout areas alike. Or, if you have an on site cafeteria, then factory pendants can establish a modern coffee-house aesthetic.

If you want to take the industrial look a step further, opt for exposed ceilings, brick-effect walls and raw finishes. To see an example of how features like these are used, check out our Hudl case study.

Cork Flooring

While cork flooring has been around for decades, it has recently become fashionable due to its eco-friendly appeal. For not only is cork sourced from a tree bark that grows back after being harvested, it is biodegradable and will break down at the end of its life cycle.

When we talk about ‘statement pieces’ in the office design world, the conversation usually centres on novelty furniture or decorations. If your company has a green ethos, however, then cork flooring can be a perfect statement piece. After all, nobody said statement pieces can’t be understated!

Living Coral

Every year Pantone chooses a colour of the year, with last year’s winner being the dramatically provocative Ultra Violet. This year, the Pantone experts have gone for a warmer colour with the vibrant yet mellow Living Coral.

A response to the “onslaught of technology and social media” which inhibits human interaction, Living Coral promotes connection and intimacy. Therefore, if your business relies heavily on collaboration, Living Coral will send out a positive message to employees.

For a great example of the use of orange in office design, take a look at our PrepWorld Case study.

Acoustic Decorations

According to study, only 6 percent of executives have equipped their office with noise mitigating features. It is no surprise, then, that decorations with sound absorbing properties featured heavily at 100% Design Show in late 2018.

The great thing about acoustic decorations is the fact they tick the boxes for both style and practicality. These days, you can find everything from acoustic panels that look like modern art to swirling suspended displays.

For open plan offices, where noise pollution is commonplace, acoustic decorations will be a smart addition. Be embracing acoustics, you can ensure the comfort of your employees and, in turn, boost productivity.

Wishing You a Successful 2019!

We hope these trends have inspired some fresh ideas for your office refurbishment. Remember, office interiors can have a huge impact on productivity and staff satisfaction, so thinking intelligently about your design can really push brand development. Choose wisely, and your company will reap the rewards!

For more inspirational office design tips for 2019, take a look at our news section. Alternatively, check our our latest office transformations in our Projects section.

Has our office design trends 2019 article inspired you to revamp your space?

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*Crittall Windows image courtesy of Synergy Lighting