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Is An Office Fit Out For You?

If you haven’t considered a fit out before, then now may be the perfect time for a change. Whether you’re a new or established company, a fit out can play a key part in taking you to where you want to be.

If you’re in two minds as to whether to go forward with fit out works, our list of reasons can help you with your decision.

Read on for the full list…

1) Create A Healthier Workspace

It is important that your office workspace is comfortable for your staff. This is because office seating and desking that doesn’t support you ergonomically can impact your health in a negative way, causing aches and pains (most often in the spine).

The best way to solve this is through an office fit out with ergonomic seating and desking that support you in all ways. This way office furniture is more adjustable and allows employees to adapt to any working environment.

With a variety of desking and seating options out there, customising your office space to tailor to your workspace is even more intricate than ever before.

2: Office Space Planning

Offices can become cramped when more people are employed, creating a big issue surrounding office space. This can not only be an issue for your colleagues, but can also impact your health and safety.

There are regulations in place to ensure that there is enough space for employees to manoeuvre around the office. For example, there should be a substantial amount of space between desks, seats, walkways and doors. This can be resolved through the appropriate office space planning, giving you the ideal ergonomic office space.

3: Expanding Business

When a business is growing at a rapid pace it can be difficult to manage work with the employees you currently have, meaning that it’s time to employ more people to handle the workload. The issue here is that it’s not always possible to accommodate an influx of new employees in the space you’ve got.

This is the perfect time to get in touch with a fit out company to transform your workspace to allow for more employees. However, sometimes the office space is not viable for a fit out and may need to be extended or relocated.

4: Downsizing Business

Downsizing can be the perfect opportunity to redefine your spacewith a new office fit out, as it is a completely new and vacant area to plan things out the way you wish.

Moving offices and getting yourself a brand new fit out can be a great way to save your company money in the long run, as opposed to wasting money on high rental costs and unused space.

It is recommended that desks are 2000mm apart from each other and seats are 800mm apart to allow ease of access in all health and safety hazards.

5: Tailoring To The Brand/ Rebranding

Whether it be the wrong colour scheme for your business or just completely not your style, some workspaces do not match the business brand. In a previous blog about the best colours for your workplace, we highlighted that your office should ideally reflect you as a company.

When it comes to colour schemes it’s best to incorporate your company colours as a sign of pride, however overdoing it can appear tacky or overwhelming. A great way to make your new brand stand out is through company signage, as it can help promote your logo in order to get the business you need.

Rebranding must be taken into account as well, as businesses making that giant leap to change should maintain an element of coherence with the style.

6: Increasing Productivity/ Boost Morale

Some offices don’t stimulate employees as well as they could due to the design and overall layout of the space, and this can greatly affect productivity. A complete workspace transformation can greatly increase productivity and therefore benefit the company.

With this new found productivity also comes a boost in morale due to the impact of the new and improved office space. Boosting morale can also be done with a splash of colour here and there to make the interiors more vibrant.

7: Keeping It Green

Some businesses may be incredibly conscious of being eco-friendly and wish to convey that through their interior fit outHaving an eco-friendly office space can greatly reduce your carbon footprint, so using natural materials and any solutions that are green can benefit the business. This is not only a money saving choice in the long run but can also be attractive to potential employees and clients.

Green solutions such as allowing more natural light to be exposed and eco-pods are great ways to make your office more environmentally friendly.

If you’re undertaking works it’s important to find the right fit out company for you – one that walks you through the journey from the initial design to the completed project. At Rap Interiors that’s exactly what we do.

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