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Every year in the second week in January houseplants are celebrated with #houseplantweek, but as a commercial interior design company, we use office plants in the vast majority of our refurbishment projects too.

House plants have become very popular in the last few years. And with many of us working from home more recently, the mood boost that we get from houseplants has been very welcome indeed.

Houseplants aren’t just for the home though. The same feelings of wellbeing transfer to the workplace too.

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The Benefits of Plants in the Office

In 2014, one of the first studies into the long-term effects of office plants found a clear return on investment as employees were significantly more productive when surrounded by plants.

Lead author Marlon Nieuwenhuis said that:

simply enriching a previously Spartan space with plants served to increase productivity by 15% This identifies a pathway to a more enjoyable, more comfortable and a more profitable form of office-based working.

Humans have a natural tendency to affiliate with nature and so a biophilic design brings the outdoors in. Many studies have found blood pressure reduces when employees are in the presence of plants and as a result, they are left feeling less stressed and more energised.

Plants are not only a feature that provides colour and texture to an office design that our interior designers love to incorporate, but they offer employees a visually pleasing experience in the workplace too.

The aesthetic of vibrant green plant has led to a happier and healthier workforce as well as a positive brand image to clients and visitors to the office.

Check out Arch Manchester that has a couple of living walls installed to their office.

The Maintenance of Office Plants

In the workplace, the vexed question of who’s going to look after the plants comes into play, and whilst a beautifully looked after Monstera is a mood booster, there’s no doubt that a brown, wilted spider plant is a mood killer!

Many businesses aren’t in a position to have real plants under a maintenance contract and don’t want to go down the plastic plant’s route for aesthetic and sustainability reasons.

This is where a new option comes in, real preserved foliage from Innerspace Cheshire.

Innerspace Cheshire Natureverde is real preserved plant material that requires little maintenance but contains no plastic.

It’s versatile and can offer hanging displays trailing from ceilings, lush feature walls, planters brimming with foliage and even topiary bushes and trees so that the mood boost from plants is there without the stress of maintenance.

Office plants are also seen to be a sustainable feature of an office design. As part of a biophilic design, plants can make your workplace feel more homely while providing cleaner air and increase productivity.

Nowadays office plants are on-trend and so their low maintenance that bringing them into your workspace interiors is surely a no brainer!

Is Your Office in Need of a Fresh Interior Design?

If you are lacking office plants in your workplace, then our interior designers can incorporate them into the design of your workplace for you.

With over 30 years’ experience in designing office spaces, get our team to be a part of transforming your workspace.

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