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Every year thousands of people descend on Clerkenwell Design Week, a London exhibition which showcases the leading UK and international interior design brands and companies. For our London interior designers, it is a chance to see the latest finishes, furniture, decorations and all things related to office interior design.

In this update, we share the latest trends from the show which caught the eye of our design team. With so many great designs and developments, you’re sure to find some inspiration for your own office refurbishment!

Social Spaces

Clerkenwell is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Naturally, many of them were taking part in the show, and one common theme that they shared was the inclusion of collaboration-friendly “social spaces.”

These took on many forms, from meeting rooms to pods to lounge areas and booths, highlighting the importance of offering space for collaboration and creative thinking. Indeed, if your company is driven by creativity, it is certainly worth implementing a few spaces where employees can bounce ideas off one another.

Ergonomic Furniture

Given that 81 percent of us spend between four and nine hours a day at our desks, it was no surprise to see developments in the way of ergonomic furniture. In addition to height adjustable desks, which have become something of an ever-present at design shows in recent years, we were particularly impressed by backless office chairs which promote a healthy posture.

An alternative to task chairs, backless chairs encourage “active sitting,” which help employees to maintain a good posture and engage the core muscles. Not only does this help to strengthen the back and improve fitness, it will have a positive impact on concentration, comfort and wellbeing.

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Home Comforts

As working practices develop over time, so too does office design in order to adapt to the change. For example, some companies opt for flexible working, where employees can come into the office whenever they choose rather than sticking to a 9-5 routine. As some employees choose to work during unsocial hours to complete the task at hand, many companies understand the importance of creating a hospitable environment.

With flexible working growing in popularity, we saw a number of office designs with a residential theme. One particular space caught our eye with its elegant leather sofas, luxurious armchairs, chic coffee tables and eye-catching rugs to compliment – ideal for sitting back with a coffee and a laptop and working away until the task is done.

Stunning Suspended Ceiling Displays

Whenever you go to Clerkenwell Design Week, it’s important to look up when you enter an exhibition. Failure to do so will mean you will miss out on all manner of suspended displays, and this year’s haul was a joy to behold.

The standout features included slatted panels with integrated lighting, stunning floral displays and geometric acoustics. From a design point of view, these are a great way to make the most of every part of your space, adding aesthetic interest to otherwise unspectacular ceilings.

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Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns featured heavily again this year at Clerkenwell. From floor tiles to acoustic decorations, it is clear the geometric style is showing no sign of dipping in popularity.

Many designers also used geometric patterns as inspiration for furniture, with legs and frames sporting the distinctive angular aesthetic. The simple, chic and elegant designs we saw appeared understated yet impactful and would fit in perfectly with a contemporary office interior.

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Statement Chairs

With such a huge selection of chairs on display at Clerkenwell each year, it’s more important than ever for designers to stand out. This year, many did so with a number of unique designs: we saw stunning handcrafted chairs, upholstery with exotic birds and fabrics adorned with oriental references. These offer a great way to liven up a dull reception or breakout area.

Urban Influences

This year, we saw many designers taking inspiration from urban landscapes, making for many unique and striking exhibitions. In addition to brick-effect wall panels and charred elements, our designers were particularly drawn to Panaz’s “Underground” collection. Inspired by the graffiti and street art of New York, the Panaz design team has created a unique collection of upholstery ideal for businesses located in an urban setting.


With summer upon us, it’s a good idea to boost morale by bringing the outside in, and Clerkenwell gave us plenty of inspiration. Among the most striking features were moss walls, hanging plant displays and stunning foliage arrangements that would look at home at the Chelsea Flower Show.

That said, not all of the features were real, despite being very good imitations! If you really want to feel the benefit from Biophilia in terms of health and wellbeing, we recommend going for the real thing.

Thank You for Reading Our Clerkenwell Design 2019 Week Blog

As always, Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 did not fail to disappoint. Ultimately, it was the element of surprise which made this year’s show so enjoyable, with so many interesting developments to write home about. We simply can’t wait for next year!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for these design elements in our own office interior design schemes. You can do this by regularly checking our project page here.

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