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When coming up with commercial office design ideas, it’s important to think about the impact they will have on your business. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of useful design tips that will increase productivity, improve functionality and add aesthetic interest to your space.

From practical furniture solutions to great money saving ideas, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. Read on for our top 6:

Be Bold With Your Breakout Space

Introducing a breakout space is a great way to re-energise your staff and boost morale. Therefore, you should takes steps to make it as fun and enticing as possible. Consider these commercial office design ideas:

  • Games – Ping pong tables are all the rage in offices these days due to their affordability. Alternatively, opt for a snooker table or retro arcade machine if you’ve got a little more money to play with.
  • Inviting Furniture – Think Wagamama style benches for dining, bean bag chairs for chilling and poseur tables for chatting over coffee. You could also add a breakfast bar with high stools for a coffee shop look.
  • Coffee Station – This typically consists of storage solutions and a water boiler for tea and coffee. It’s common knowledge that caffeine makes the world go round, so this can be a valuable asset!

Coming up with breakout area ideas is one of the most enjoyable parts of a commercial fit out. With that in mind, get your team involved as they will love contributing some ideas.

Impress With Your Reception Area

Your meet and greet area should be about more than signing people in and out. Indeed, with guests such as clients and future employees regularly frequenting the reception, it’s important to create a welcoming space. There are number of ways to do this:

  • Waiting Furniture – Run of the mill sofas are fine, but also consider a funky statement piece to work as a conversation opener. To compliment, add a coffee table for your brochures.
  • Testimonial Wall – As all of your guests spend a portion of their time waiting, it’s a good idea to provide reading material. We’re not talking about magazines like you see at the dentist; instead, get people on side by framing testimonials.
  • Branded Desk – Your reception interior design can add to the overall ‘brand experience’ of your commercial office. Therefore, introduce a reception desk with your company logo along with brand-themed decorations like wall canvases.

Remember, reception areas provide the first and last impression of your company, so make sure yours is hospitable. As for the person behind the desk – we’ll leave that up to you!

Swap Stud Walls for Glass Partitions

Glass partitions have many advantages over stud walls. For example, they provide better exposure to natural light, which improves the look of the building and employee wellbeing. Some models can also be moved or slid into different places, meaning you can save money on construction costs.

If you want to introduce partitions, just remember to consult a fit out company that can apply manifestation. You don’t want to cause casualties as a result of people walking into the glass.

Save Money with Moveable Department Dividers

If you don’t have the budget to create departments with solid partitions, one solution is to introduce moveable dividers. Typical examples are storage solutions which double up as plant holders, portable screens and furniture.

In addition to being cost effective, moveable dividers are easy to shift if you want to reconfigure your layout. Therefore, if you need to move departments closer together to improve communication, you can make this change with ease.

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Facilitate Collaboration through Furniture

If you want to create a workplace that facilitates collaboration, you need to think intelligently about your furniture selection. The good news is there is plenty of choice out there, including the following:

  • Tables with Integrated Power – These are ideal for boardrooms, as they allow employees to plug in devices like laptops to take notes and elaborate. For our money, these are one of the most useful commercial office design ideas on our list.
  • Ad-hoc Meeting Tables – Adding meeting tables around the office can encourage employees to take part in brainstorming sessions. To assist this process, wheel in a portable whiteboard as well.
  • Pods – Not only do pods work as meeting rooms, they offer a space for individual working. Some even come with wheels so you can move them with ease when re-configuring your office.

Whatever the nature of your company, good communication is key to its success. Therefore, creating a space with a range of shared furniture options is essential.

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Implement a Sustainable Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceilings tick the boxes for both practicality and style. For example, they hide unsightly wires and pipes, provide additional soundproofing and have a high resistance to moisture and mould.

If your business has a green ethos, you’ll be pleased to hear that suspended ceilings are also energy efficient. This is due to their exceptional insulation ability, meaning you significantly reduce your heating output. Add motion sensor LED lights to your ceiling and this will go some way in reducing your carbon footprint.

Thank You for Reading Our Commercial Office Design Ideas Blog

So there you have it: 6 great ideas to kit out and fit out your commercial office. We hope that you’ve found enough inspiration here to get the ball rolling with your project, but if you need more commercial office interior design ideas, take a look at our projects.

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