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With more freelancers and start-ups popping up due to the pandemic, it’s likely that coworking space will be in demand like never before. For savvy investors, this will present an opportunity to meet that demand by presenting stunning spaces that offer more than the home environment or a coffee shop.

If you’re looking to invest in coworking space or thinking about a refurbishment, then this is the blog for you. We’ve pulled together a list of contemporary and practical ideas and tips to help you bring more customers to your coworking space. Read on and be inspired!

Establish a Theme

Creating an enticing coworking spaces is about more than offering workstations and chairs. Ideally, you want to make it an experience for customers, and a great way to do that is to establish a theme. Here are a few ideas for some inspiration…

  • Sustainable Design — Many companies have adopted a green interior design scheme to show that they are doing their bit in helping the environment. The same goes for coworking offices. For a green-inspired office space, consider introducing reclaimed products, recycled furniture, plants and living walls of foliage.
  • Modern Industrial — The modern industrial look has been popular for years now, and with good reason. It’s edgy, visually arresting and goes perfectly with biophilic elements. To achieve this, introduce Crittall glass meeting rooms, brick-effect walls, pendant lights and raw materials.
  • Fun and ColourfulA vibrant and bold design scheme will instil a sense of fun that can set you apart from other coworking providers. Think white walls accompanied by primary colours, colourful work by local artists, bean bag chairs and ping pong tables.

These are just some ideas, but if you want to create a completely unique design to stand out from the coworking competition, consider getting help from office interior designers. A good office design company will be able to draw up 3D designs to make your vision a reality.

For two great examples of fun and colourful coworking spaces, check out BizSpace and Wonderful here.

Make Space for Events

One of the benefits of working in a coworking space is the opportunity to attend events and workshops. These can help with professional development and give people the chance to network.

One great idea is to introduce bleacher seating, as this can double up as a space for work and events. The stacked amphitheatre-style arrangement also means it doesn’t take up too much space, making it extremely practical.

To accompany the bleacher seating, many companies add soft stalls or small coffee tables with seats so it is suitable for large groups. Add to that a presentation screen and you’ve got the perfect event space. Oh, and don’t forget the wine and beer!

Promote Wellbeing

Healthy guests are happy guests, so it makes sense to promote wellbeing through the design of your space. This will also give you another selling point that will encourage people to come to you.

First of all, it’s a wise idea to offer bike storage and shower facilities for those who prefer to cycle in. Another way to promote wellbeing is to offer a space for yoga and meditation, such as an outside area with decking.

Ideally, you want the space to have as much access to natural sunlight as possible too. According to research, offices with natural light significantly improves wellness amongst office workers.

To maximise exposure to sunlight, consider installing glass meeting rooms that won’t block out light and a skylight. If your space is dark due to poor design, it may be worth re-configuring your space with the help of design contractors.

For an example of a pro-wellbeing coworking space, take a look at “The House” in Tunbridge Wells.

Introduce Facilities for Food and Drink

In order to compete with coffee shops, many coworking spaces offer food, drink and dining facilities. Tea points are ideal for this, as they offer a place where people can grab a hot drink and prepare meals.

From a design perspective, one idea is to install a bar made from wooden pallets, as this will give a tea point a coffee shop aesthetic. Add a few decorative Barista coffee bags, chalk board menus, and hanging pendant lights, and you’ll be giving Starbucks a run for its money!

If you’ve got the space, consider adding an adjoining breakout area as well. This will provide an area for guests to dine and network with others working within the space. If you’re going for a coffee shop look, wooden benches and soft individual seating will compliment it perfectly.

Fridges for cold beverages can are also a bonus for guests and can become a nice addition to the design scheme. A simple display chiller filled with trendy craft beers will be too tempting for some!

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Offer a Selection of Furniture

The mark of a good, modern coworking space is one that offers flexibility. Guests will appreciate having a choice of work settings, and furniture is key to this. Here are a few examples of the kind of furniture available to you:

  • Shared Workstations — Shared workstations are ideal for small teams and individuals looking to network with others. Some even come with integrated power so guests can plug in and play.
  • Ergonomic Furniture — We spoke earlier about elements that promote wellbeing, and ergonomic furniture is another. Standing desks, for example, can help to reduce back ache and even improve productivity.
  • Soft Seating — For guests who want to kick back and relax with a laptop, soft seating like sofas and individual lounge chairs are must. You could even create a lounge area with rugs and throws to create a truly welcoming space.
  • Desks with Screens — A guest could be sitting near a close competitor, which could harm their business prospects. For extra privacy, introduce desks with integrated screens.

Also keep in mind how the furniture can be put into different zones. For example, individual chairs and pods will be better in a quiet working zone. For a collaboration zone, shared furniture solutions will be ideal.

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Inspire Your Guests

To hit home that your space is where innovation and business growth happens, introduce elements that inspire guests. One way to do this is to add wall prints with quotes from business leaders, like this one from Richard Branson:“Business opportunities are like buses. There’s always another one coming.”

You could also bring in modern shelving units (geometric shapes are trending right now) with books on entrepreneurialism. These look great as decorations and can encourage guests to take a break and find some inspiration.

Get Feedback

Our last point is to get feedback from guests. A simple survey on how they use the space and how it can be improved will make a big difference achieving the perfect coworking office.

Ultimately, you’re providing a service, so user experience is of utmost importance. If it’s not conducive to productivity and professional growth, then guests may seek another coworking space nearby.

Thank You for Reading!

We hope that our points have given you plenty of food for thought for your coworking office design. If you’re optimising or investing in space, don’t be afraid to brainstorm some ideas too. Remember, the more unique your space is the more enticing it will be to prospective guests!

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