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Activity based working (ABW) is all about giving employees the freedom to choose how and where they want to work. No one is assigned an office desk or workstation, but provided with a variety of activity zones that allow them to undertake specific tasks such as private work, socialising or simply making a phone call.

With more companies implementing AWB, in this blog we look at some of the benefits which are influencing their decision.

Could activity based working be the thing to take your company forward? Read on to find out!

The Benefits Of AWB Office Designs:

Better Concentration

Concentration is key to productivity, which is why more companies are giving employees a choice as to how and where they work.

Rooms or areas that are designated to quiet concentration are a typical feature of ABW office designs, as these allow employees to escape unwanted distractions and focus on the task at hand.

Quiet areas are especially important when employees are working to tight deadlines, or simply have a role which requires optimum concentration – such as content writer!

Employees Are More Active

Studies have proved that regular exercise not only boosts productivity, but improves the overall health of employees – meaning less sick days.

With ABW office interior design, the distributed arrangement ensures that workers are regularly moving around. Height adjustable desks are also becoming more prominent in ABW office designs, which allow employees to stand up while working.  Working standing up has several health benefits, including reduced cancer and obesity risk, better posture and longer life expectancy.

Our recent office fit out in London for Hudl – a typical example of the ABW design – also utilised the breakout space to introduce a ping pong table. This is a great way of getting exercise, and also makes work more enjoyable.

More Collaborative

While the traditional open plan office is often lauded as the answer to a more collaborative environment, it is not the only way.

With a mix of team desks, meeting rooms and breakout areas, activity-based workspace design schemes are great for collaborating with colleagues. In contrast to the traditional open plan office you are not designated a desk, and this encourages professional and casual communication.

Strong communication is essential for productivity, so facilitating a collaborative environment where you can share ideas and skills will benefit every business.

Both Aesthetically Pleasing And Practical

According to a recent survey by Office Genie, workspace design is the most important factor when it comes to staff happiness. If you’re considering a office fit out to give your interiors a contemporary feel that employees will love, the AWB design is certainly worth considering.

Hudl, who are an American sports software company, have state-of-the-art AWB office interior design, which includes the following:

  • Various office furniture solutions – Including height adjustable desks, shared and individual desks, booths, sofas and, of course, a bean bag chair!
  • Meeting rooms – Hudl have several rooms for ad-hoc meeting and collaborative work, which included grass walls.
  • Private rooms – As Hudl is an American company with an office based in London, there is plenty of trans-Atlantic correspondence going on. Therefore, private rooms are needed for Sykpe chats and phone calls.
  • Sports themed design – The final design included a bespoke ping pong table with company logo within a UK map, graffiti wall with football team badges, running track, gym lockers, and grass covered walls within the meeting rooms. Each room was also named after a UK sporting hero (Johnny Wilkson, Hope Powell, Bradley Wiggins etc.)

If you want to see more pictures of Hudl’s office fit out, then check out the case study here!

A More Enjoyable Workplace

If you provide an office environment that employees love, then coming into work inevitably becomes less of a chore.

Some AWB companies (such as Hudl) even give employees the choice of working from home, but not without offering a cutting edge working environment to rival that option.The thinking behind this is that by offering a fun, dynamic environment, employees won’t feel the need to work from home.

It is true, also, that offering an environment that best suits their mood and current task is better for mental health. Some people, for example, need peace and quiet, but may find themselves in a frenetic environment which can leave them psychologically exhausted. Giving people a choice, therefore, is a much healthier and more practical solution.

Has our blog inspired you to make changes to your office? If so, then Rap Interiors can help! We are a reputable designfit out and refurbishment company with nearly three decades of experience. If you wish to discuss changing your office to facilitate ABW or any other works, then contact us on 0333 600 1234 or email