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Spring is famously the season of rebirth, so now is great time to start thinking about a refurbishment project. If you’re already thinking about making changes but struggling for inspiration, then never fear. From inspirational colour schemes to trends with employee health benefits, you’ll find plenty of ideas in this blog. Read on for our top 5…

Wall Vinyl Graphics

Naturally, plant-themed wall graphics are an ideal way to introduce a spring atmosphere into the office. Not only that, but they can really help to instil your company identity.

Take the above office interior design scheme of a wine making company in Kent. In addition to giving the interiors a contemporary edge, the images of grapes and vineyard speak volumes about who they are as a company. First impression are everything, so a striking vinyl graphic will be a great identity statement when welcoming clients or interviewees into the office.

Artificial Grass

Following the gloom that the winter season often brings, artificial grass can bring a much needed injection of fun into your space. One typical example is Questor Insurance in Maidstone, who combined an artificial grass patch with bean bag chairs to create a fun breakout area.

When used in the right way it, artificial grass can also transform your office from workspace into a spectacle. Take the sports software company Hudl, who used astro-turf style artificial grass on the walls of their meeting rooms.

If artificial grass isn’t up your street, however, consider the biophillic office interior design. Biophilia entails bringing plants and other natural elements into the office, meaning you can experience an authentic spring time atmosphere.

Plant Holder Dividers

As highlighted in our ‘Office Design Trends 2018’ trends blog, more companies are breaking down the walls in their workplace to improve communication. In light of this, we are seeing  more companies using using makeshift items to maintain a departmental feel.

One way to do maintain the department feel is to use dividers in the form of plant holders. Not only do these allow you to bring greenery into to office, but can double up as a storage solution.

Plant holders aren’t the only solution either. Screens and cabinets are also great makeshift dividers, while a good refurbishment company will be able to implement glass partitions, which brings us to our next trend…

Glass Partitions

Another way to improve the health of your employees is to let more natural light into the office. According to research, workplaces with good daylight exposure had a 3% – 40% gain in productivity and sales.

One great way to do this is to knock down sun-blocking walls and introduce glass partitions. This will not only let in the glorious spring sunlight and but add greater depth to the room, meaning your staff will enjoy both the health and aesthetic benefits.

Adventurous Colour Combinations 

Last year we heralded Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year ‘greenery’ as the perfect springtime colour choice due to the way it “evokes the first days of spring.” Indeed, greenery is still very much a fitting colour, but this year consider using several colours to evoke spring in full bloom.

Our recent refurbishment of Questor Insurance combined light blue, green, purple and white to create the fun ‘feel’ that they wanted. This adventurous colour combination proved to be vibrant and uplifting without appearing too garish, highlighting that finding the right blend can really give your office interior design a boost.

Wishing you a fruitful spring period!

While many these trends follow a spring theme, the good news is that all of them are appropriate for your office all year round. Therefore, taking the steps to make changes now will undoubtedly be a worthwhile investment, putting you on track to a successful 2018 and beyond.

Are you thinking about starting your spring refurbishment project?

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