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100% Design is the UK’s biggest and longest-running design trade event for industry professionals. For Rap’s office interior designers it is one of the most important and enjoyable events of the year, with a vast array of stunning designs and cutting edge new concepts on show.

Read on to discover the designs that caught our eye and learn about the benefits they can bring to your company. Could they be making their way into your workplace soon?

Meeting Pods

The 100% Design show highlighted how meeting pods are rapidly evolving, both in terms of practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Among the most inventive designs was a meeting pod with a number of useful features, including lockable wheels (or ‘casters’) for improved mobility, integrated power sockets and removable walls to make it more open and inviting.

Glass meeting pods were also significant design due to their sound-blocking capability.While many pods include acoustic panels that muffle sound, these were completely soundproof and echo-free.

With meeting rooms often in short supply in offices, the space planning benefits and growing popularity of booths explains why they were one of the most prominent features at 100% Design.

Bringing the Outside in

Bringing nature into the workplace (referred to by office interior designers as the ‘biophilic design’) is said to bring several benefits to your workforce, from increased productivity and creativity to better mental wellbeing.

Biophilia featured heavily at 100% design, with one of the most alluring examples being a large moss feature wall. In contrast to living walls, one of the benefits of moss is that it requires little or no maintenance, which is great in a busy office where volunteers to take care of plants are often elusive.

There was also an array of faux forest furniture on show from one manufacturer, with soft tree log pillows and cushions, tree stump stools and winter forest wallpaper. With winter approaching, this furniture would be perfect for a seasonal office refurbishment.

Like the look of the faux forest furniture? Check out the ‘enchanted forest library’ our Croydon interior designers created for Southmead Primary School.

Acoustic Solutions

The fight to reduce noise pollution always inspires some interesting concepts at design shows, and on this occasion magnetic acoustic panels were a particular highlight. In addition to their noise-reducing capability, the panels offer unlimited arrangement options making for an aesthetically pleasing display and fun talking point.

With 50% percent of employees in open offices saying that noise pollution is the most frustrating aspect of their working environment, it is no wonder that acoustic panels are becoming more prominent. Indeed, they featured heavily at 100% Design, with an array of patterns and colour options on show.

We were also drawn to the hanging butterfly light with acoustic wings, which exemplified the incredible innovation and creativity on show at 100% Design.

Creative Thinking Zone

With activity based working growing in popularity, it was perhaps no surprise to see a ‘creative thinking zone’ at 100% Design.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with activity based working, it is where employees are not assigned a workstation but provided with a variety of activity ‘zones’ to allow them to undertake specific tasks.

According to recent research, 79% of ideas are born away from the desk, which is why a zone like this would be perfect addition to a company with creativity at its core.

Want to learn more about activity based working? Then why not check out our blog, ‘Should Your Company Switch to Activity Based Working?’

High Back Seating

The growing popularity of office meeting pods has had a knock-on effect on seating design, with more manufacturers opting for high, arched backs that offer more privacy. From a space planning perspective high back seating offers a practical alternative to meeting pods, which can take up a lot of room.

In addition to being practical, high back seating also ticks the box aesthetically when accompanied by stylish internal sofas. A simple addition such as a coffee table in between two seats will make a perfect set up for collaborative working, ad-hoc meetings and interviews.

Until Next Year…

With such an incredible array of eye-catching designs and innovative concepts this year’s 100% Design did not disappoint.

As office interior designers we recognise the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, and will be sure to book our tickets for next year’s event!

Have the new designs inspired you to make changes to your workplace? If so, then Rap Interiors can help. Our team of Kent, London, Brighton and Croydon interior designers can transform your space and help to take your business to the next level. To book your free consultation contact us on 0333 600 1234 or email