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Client Brief

“We need a complete school space design and refurbishment to transform and redecorate our school library into an inspiring enchanted forest for students to feel more productive in their reading and learning.”

First Meeting  – School Space Design Brief

Initial consultation with this primary school told us they were a very creative bunch and wanted something very unusual to inspire young people to read and grow their potential of the children.

Together, Charlotte – Assistant head teacher, from Southmead, and our design team became the think tank for this project. Designing a tree to be built within the school interiors was not only challenging and exciting along with many ideas to make the furniture in the school library feel “forest like”.

Concept ideas and interior designs soon had an excited school ready for the project to begin.

We worked alongside Southmead Primary School through every step of the school library fit out and made sure that students were not distracted by us carrying out the school fit out works.

Our Solution

Opening up the existing library space we were able to create the “Enchanted Forest”theme with wall vinyls. Installing a double entrance door allowed us to build a canopy in a book theme.

“Chapter One” was born and creative furniture ideas, many bespoke made and wrapped in vinyls has completely encaptured the clients wishes.

The old ceiling tiles of the library were removed and replaced with sky and cloud vinyl, in order to capture the visual of a blue sky amongst the enchanted forest.

Funky furniture solutions were created to fit the entire school space design, including: tree ring desks, mushroom stools and tree stump stools. A soft seating reading area with nature coloured scatter cushions was also include. The surface has a wipeable fabric to reduce the risk of younger students causing a mess.

The flooring was created using Interface carpet tiles. Green carpet tiles acted bringing the outside in while the grey tiles acted as stepping stones. The “bespoke reading den”was included so that students could read in privacy.

The tree was created from wooden panels to form the tree trunk and branches, while army netting was added to give the illusion of leaves being present. This was also challenging as the school interiors were completely unique and bespoke.

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