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When it comes to modern office interior design, many companies opt for an open-plan office layout because it gives more flexibility. However, based on our experience with projects in Kent, London and Sussex, companies’ needs differ and one style does not fit all.

Many businesses want to create private working spaces whilst maintaining an open office environment, so installing office partitioning is a great way to shape your workspace design. This offers a cost effective solution for your space without the need of a complete office refurbishment.

The Benefits of Glass Partitions

When it comes to partitioning there are many options. However, the most in-demand type of partitioning overall is glass walls due to their clean and appearance. Their sleek design allows natural lighting to spread throughout the office and privacy can be maintained.

There are also many unique design elements available: you could choose between frameless glass walls that go from floor to ceiling, or freestanding glass that separates areas in your office space. Once you have picked what style of glass partition you would like, you then have to consider choosing single or double glazing, coloured or tinted glass, frosted or bepoke manifestation – the possibilities are endless.

Avoiding Health and Safety Issues

In order to avoid any health and safety issues like people walking into the glass, you have to invest in ‘manifestation films’. These can be applied to the glass in order to make it visible and avoid injuries. The manifestation of glass is a legal requirement as stated in the Workplace Health & Safety Welfare Approved Code of Practice L24 Regulation 14 (this is something we abide by at Rap Interiors).

Within this it is stated that manifestation should be located between 850mm-1000mm and 1400mm-1600mm of the glass. This film can be designed and ordered in a number of specifications, for example, a solid band, split dots /squares or a decorative feature like your company name or logo. These add to the positive atmosphere of an office as well as providing a funky focal point for clients.

Overall, glass partitions help to create a dynamic, practical design for your office interior, providing acoustic solutions, natural light expansion and modern decoration. It’s the must-have accessory of any office!

Are You Thinking About Installing Glass Partitions in Your Space?

If you are interested to find out more about glass partitions and how they can work in your space then contact us today. We can offer visual designs to show you how your office interior would look with office partition options or we can show you our vast portfolio of projects. Get in touch via form below or call 0333 600 1234.

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