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Just to reassure our customers that it’s business as usual from the Rap Interiors team.

We are very busy working on sites with our social distancing procedures, carrying out many refurbishments to workplaces and schools as well as dilapidations for clients moving out or relocating.

Our office is still fully manned so if we can help you during this difficult time, we can still enable quickly and safely on sites.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0333 600 1234 to organise a FREE online design consultation. 

You may be considering improvements to your offices/layouts of desks to distance your staff. We have many solutions and can quickly do space plans to show you how to continue your business.

How we can help you during this difficult time:

Provide a Bespoke Workplace Solution with Protective Screens

Since the first lockdown in March 2020 we have helped many businesses prepare for their return to work using protective screens. We have a variety of screens available to suit all workplaces and provide bespoke solutions to businesses.

Implementing a New Workplace Strategy

Workplaces have had to change to accommodate the safety and wellbeing of employees. We have been working with businesses to execute a workplace design strategy that ensures the business continues to operate while employees are kept safe.

Relocating to a Smaller Office Space

Businesses have realised that working from home actually works quite well and so the big office space they currently have won’t be as full when we return back to work. Smaller offices are now sought after to provide a more collaborative workspace as flexible working practices will be adopted full time.

Moving Out of Your Workplace Needing Dilapidation Works

As businesses look to new, smaller premises, they need to consider what works must be carried out to ensure the workplace is given back to the landlord in the agreed conditions. These works are called a “schedule of works.”

Designing a New Layout for your Office for Social Distancing

If you cannot work from home, you can continue to go to work but it must be a covid-secure workplace. This includes working from at least a 2m distance to your colleagues so you might need to rearrange the layout of your workspace to accommodate this new capacity.

Turning Unused Office Space into a Coworking Space

After rearranging the office, there might be some excess space that won’t be used. Turning this area into a coworking space is proving to be a popular solution to generate some extra income and promote a flexible and collaborative work area.

Installing ITU Bed Bay Systems for NHS Hospitals

Hospitals are running out of space as the variant of COVID-19 is spreading at a faster rate than before. We are a national supplier of Emergency ITU bed bay systems for the NHS which provides a flexible and hygienic solution to care for patients with coronavirus.

Rap Interiors are Here For You

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our team who is happy to discuss your project to ensure you are not only covid-secure but survive this lockdown too!

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Stay safe!