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About the Client

CooperVision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and lens care products. Since its inception in 1980, the company has grown considerably and now sells its products in over 100 countries worldwide.

Client Brief

CooperVision needed an experienced refurbishment company to create a staff breakout area at its Lens Care Products site in Ashford, Kent. This entailed implementing a dining area, kitchen and locker rooms into a former laboratory unit.

Dining Area

For the dining area design, CooperVision requested a bright and colourful aesthetic that reflected the brand identity. With this in mind, Rap’s skilled tradesmen started by relining and then re-painting the walls in a brilliant white before adding company signage and a multi-coloured skyline wall graphic. To supplement the bright new colour scheme, Rap also introduced new LED and pendant lighting solutions.

Another part of the dining room remit was to create an inviting ‘internet café’ style environment. This was achieved by introducing high and low level breakfast bars with multi-coloured seating; new plug and USB points; and white laminate top bench tables with blue frames.

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To create a functional kitchen area, Rap Interiors implemented a number of new features. These included a wood-effect finish kitchen unit with an integrated fridge, dishwasher, sink and microwave; a water boiler for tea and coffee; and two vending machines. For hygiene purposes, Rap also introduced a wipeable concrete-effect floor and attached a splashback to the kitchen unit.

Locker Rooms

The CooperVision brief also included the creation of new locker rooms. This entailed building two solid partitions, which would not only work to divide the spaces but create a new walk-in area at the top of the stairs.

Within the newly configured spaces, Rap added new locker systems, hard-wearing changing benches and easy-to-wipe flooring. For a finishing touch, Rap printed CooperVision’s hot air balloon graphics on the outer side of the partitions for a fun and inviting walk-in feature.

Thank you for choosing Rap Interiors

Through the creativity and dedication displayed by Rap Interiors, CooperVision Ashford now has an inviting and durable breakout space for its staff. The refurbished facility will enable employees to re-energise during breaks and is another successful example of CooperVision’s ongoing commitment to staff welfare and site improvements.


A word with Chris Rand, CooperVision Projects and Technical Support Manager

What was your remit for the design?

“We wanted Rap Interiors to create a bright, modern area for our staff to take breaks in. That included the creation of a high quality kitchen area, a new locker system and an internet café style area with multimedia terminals. We also wanted to integrate our corporate colours and logos.”

What was your favourite aspect of the design?

“I think it has to be the wall with the skyline graphic on it. Combined with the white wall it created a natural position in which to put the display screen, so it worked out really well.”

What has the staff feedback been like?

“The feedback has been very positive indeed. I haven’t heard anything other than positive comments about it!”

Has Rap Interiors fulfilled your expectations?

“I would say it has, yes. We didn’t know you beforehand, and you went up against a couple of other companies. But I think that the first visit with Julie was very good – I got the feeling Rap really wanted it.

“You were certainly easier to work with and more approachable than some of your competitors, so that was a big plus. I had a fairly confident feeling early on and it’s worked out well.”

Would you recommend Rap Interiors to other businesses?

“Yes, I would; and the fact that we’re talking to you about potential other work here is a good sign.

“Obviously it always comes down to the cost, turnaround and service, and we certainly got a good impression on this one so I’d like to think we’d work with you guys again.

“We’ve been very impressed with Rap and it’s been a good refurbishment company to work with. It was a pleasure working with the team and I look forward to working them again in the future.”

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